5 Things to Do in a Good Morning Girls Break

Do you lead a Good Morning Girls Bible study group? Are you wondering what to do as we head into another break before our next study? Today we wrapped up our Good Morning Girls Isaiah 23-43 study. As we head into a break, you may be wondering what you should be doing with your groups […]

How Big Is Your God?

We are created for worship; and because of that, all mankind defaults to worship of someone or something. It is inescapable. Even those who claim to not worship any god, still engage in worship; worshiping their own ideas and philosophies. So much of our response to life, circumstances, and crises depends on how big our […]

Why I Don’t Do Summer Learning With My Children

One of the challenges I face as a homeschool mom is the concern that over the summer break my children will forget everything they’ve learned over the previous school year. Or use the summer to “catch up” on what we didn’t manage to get to during the school year. I fight the battle with electronic […]

6 Books of the Bible to Begin Reading Today

Have you ever opened your Bible and didn’t know where to start? The Bible has thousands of pages…. 66 books…. and the eternal question with new believers is “Where do I start reading the Bible?“ Actually, many seasoned believers ask the same question. After finishing one book, they often wonder where to move to next. […]

How Can I Have More Faith in God? Episode #27

Remember those times when Jesus cried out, “Oh ye of little faith!”? Have you ever thought that He’d probably say that about you? I know I have. I know there have been times when God sat on His throne in heaven doing a giant face-palm while crying out in utter exasperation, “Rosilind! Oh ye of […]

This Is What to Do When the Enemy Lies to You

Has the enemy been lying to you lately? Has he been confirming your worst fears one by one? This is how he works, you know. He takes our worst fears and confirms them, embellishing them until they seem so terrible we almost can’t stand it. Winston Churchill once said, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always […]