30 Day Prayer Challenge for Christmas

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Without Christ’s birth there would be no death – no remission of sins, no divine pardon, no justification….

No promise of eternity with God in heaven.

No hope in this life at all.

But this isn’t the only challenge Christians face at Christmastime.

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So often we are distracted with the lights and decorations, Christmas parties and pageants, buying presents, making lists, making cookies, planning a big dinner.

And all of the preparation to celebrate Jesus can make us crazy!

Something like Martha in the Bible.

She was so busy preparing for Jesus, she never enjoyed Jesus. And this is the danger we often face during this season.

We want to create the “perfect Christmas” (whatever that is)

We want to make sure we buy the perfect gifts

Throw the perfect party

Make the perfect cookies

Everything has to be extra-special….but where is our heart? Is it distracted?

We can be Mary and still do all the cooking and decorating, planning and buying of presents, as long as our heart remains at Jesus’ feet.

Learning from Him

Enjoying His presence

Dwelling in His peace

That is why I created a 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Christmas.

I truly enjoyed creating this one and I can’t wait to go back during December to revisit these wonderful verses and remind myself how God spoke through those prophets to tell about the coming of His Son….and wonder if they truly understood the significance of their words.

I hope you’ll join me in sitting at Jesus’ feet this month and celebrating Him.

Celebrating the fact that God chose to become man

That God chose to walk among us

That God chose to subject Himself to the limitations and frustrations here on earth

That God chose to live a life of stigma, look so average that no one would even give him a second glance, and then die like a criminal.

In celebrating Him, we learn from His example of rejecting the temptation to enjoy being liked too much and enjoying luxury too much, but rather keeping His eyes fixed on heaven.

Let us choose the better thing this year.

Join me in 30 days of praying through the Christmas story!

Get this 30 Day Prayer Challenge for My Identity for Christmas today.

Make this Christmas special by praying through the entire Christmas story this year with this 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Christmas. #alittlerandr #Christmas #Bible #Prayer #warroom #prayerjournal #prayerchallenge

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