5 Things You Need For the Ephesians Study

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I can’t wait to start Ephesians study with you!!

For the next 8 weeks, we are going to dive into this book of the Bible that is considered to be one of the most important books of the Bible.

By the time we’re done, you’ll know why.

But not only that, you’ll understand who you are in Christ, what your position is as His adopted child, and what your purpose is on this earth.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the important details are for this study.


The study officially starts Monday, July 17th and runs for 8 weeks.


Some of us will be gathering in a Facebook group I had created in the past for my first two studies. You don’t have to purchase the manual to join us there. Anyone is free to join in.

You can find that group at: A Little R & R Bible Studies

This isn’t mandatory to do. You can do this study on your own, if you’d like.

What you need:

1. A Bible – I personally like The Spirit-Filled Study Bible, but you can use your favorite Bible. You will definitely need a Bible for this study, one that you plan to color in, mark up….dog-ear, get finger prints and coffee stains on.

When you’re done with this study, your Bible will just automatically fall open to Ephesians!

2. The Who Am I In Christ? Workbook – This is optional. You don’t have to have this, but I highly recommend it (which is why I discounted it!).

While the text-portion of the workbook will post right here to the blog, the workbook has additional study questions. Plus, you’ll get for free my 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Ephesians and the Quiet Time worksheet, that you can use to go even deeper.

Get the workbook here: Who Am I In Christ? a study through the book of Ephesians

3. A Notebook – If you don’t plan to get the workbook (or even if you do), you’ll want to take notes. Lots and lots of notes.

4. A Pen –  Get one that wont bleed through the pages in your Bible, because you’ll want to jot down notes in the margins of your Bible.

I can’t wait to try out these pens!

5. Highlighters or colored pencils – Whether you color-code your Bible, or just highlight portions that stand out to you, you’ll want to have these handy.

By the time you’re done, every word will be colored and marked up. Ephesians is just that good!

One more thing:

Be sure to invite your girlfriends!

Let’s get as many women to join us as we can, as we embark on this amazing journey, because – let’s face it – an adventure is so much more fun with friends. Right?

I have a few personal friends that are joining me, I hope you’ll take a few friends with you, as well!

You can invite friends on FB, by clicking on the graphic below and sharing the post from my Facebook page:

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  1. I am so ready!! And I have all the extra things on your list! Looking forward to ‘diving’ in the Word.

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