Allowing Lyrics to Leave an Imprint

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Do you allow lyrics to worship songs to leave an imprint on your heart? Here is a song that left an imprint on my heart and why I feel that it is important.That moment captured forever in your memory.  The time when the lyrics came alive and a memory marker was forever imprinted in your mind.

In today’s culture there are so many songs with lyrics that promote worldly values.  But, we cannot shelter our kids.  Rather, we CAN provide them with positive examples that reflect what we believe.

The theme a song conveys can either be outwardly caught or subconsciously imprinted.  We may not even realize the connection between the words and message the first time we hear the song.  As the song repeats, so do the words and their message.   The imprint that is left either reflects or counters what we value as parents.

This year my daughter served on the kids praise team for VBS.  A few months ago she received her CD, lyrics, and schedule.  The songs have been continuously playing the contagious tunes.

Some days are challenging while juggling all the responsibilities, to do lists, and activities that come with motherhood.  It was after one of those long days, and the kids tucked into bed, that I finally was back downstairs cleaning up the dishes and really heard the lyrics.

So I am gonna walk right beside You

You’re never going to let me down

If I get lost I know You’ll always guide me

You never let go, You’re always around

I put my trust in You Jesus

Your word is the truth I obey

You rose again, death defeated

So I listen when You tell me to walk this way


Trust.  Simple trust in what God has planned and choosing to walk the path He has designed.  Just simple faith and obedience with my checklist abandoned and unrealistic expectations put aside.  God’s truth is calling us deeper and closer to Him.

The words of Solomon state it perfectly in Proverbs 4:12-13.  “When you walk, nothing will slow you down.  When you run, you won’t trip and fall.  Hold onto my teaching and don’t let it go.  Guard it well, because it is your life.”

We can have faith that God has a plan in which we can put our trust and focus on His promises as He walks with us and imprints love on our hearts.  We do not need to fear what the world idolizes or how it will impact our homes.  Rather, choose to be a light and imprint the lives of others with His love.

What songs have captivated your heart and left a lyrical imprint of Him?

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  1. I love this, and written something along these lines in the past.

    I’ve heard that when introducing a new concept to people whether in church or elsewhere, the best way to do so is in song. I certainly know when I’ve been having a tough time, God’s truths play over and over in my head by way of lyrics from songs I’ve been listening to.

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