How to Pray: Episode #23

It seems that one of the hardest Christian disciplines is prayer. So many Christians struggle to have a consistent and fulfilling prayer life. But it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we tend to make it. This week, I’m answering a reader question: How do I pray? In today’s episode, I give you some […]

Join With Me In Reading Isaiah 24-43

If there ever was a time to open God’s Word and read it for yourself, now is the time. One of the things that concerns me greatly about many Bible studies is that we spend more time reading the commentary of man about the Bible more than the Bible itself. Can I let you in […]

Free Bible Study Journal + Tracker

Are you looking for a simple quiet time journal or tracker? It’s really easy to let our Bible study become just another thing on our checklist each day. Sometimes all we need to breathe fresh air into our daily Bible study is a new resource. You don’t need anything complicated, just a simple tool to […]

Keto Tuna Salad

I eat a lot of salads. By “a lot”, I mean that I eat giant salads nearly every single day. In fact, I’ve found it is the easiest and most delicious meal modification I’ve found. Nearly every meat dish I make for my kids gets turned into a salad. Just take the meat, chop it […]

7 Quiet Time Solutions for Busy Moms

Are do you find it hard to get quiet time with Jesus as a busy mom? Maybe you have an infant and your sleep deprived and find it hard to concentrate on God’s Word. You miss being able to just sit and engage with God like you used to. And you feel guilty. Some time […]

How to Keep From Falling Asleep While You Pray

Have you ever thought you were the only one who falls asleep while you pray? Well, let not your heart be troubled, my friend. When I surveyed my readers earlier this year the overwhelming majority of them said that one of the biggest challenges they faced in prayer was staying awake. Right up there with […]