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One of my favorite subjects growing up was history.

I remember so clearly getting lost in the stories of the past as my dad eloquently told story after story. Especially his stories about the Middle Ages – my favorite era.

I remember grabbing the encyclopedias and looking at pictures and reading their descriptions – I couldn’t get enough.

And I am so blessed that now I get to do the same.

Tell my kids stories of the past and hopefully pass down my love of history to them, too.

child building with legos listening with headphones

But one of the ways my kids to absorb information better is through brick building.

My kids have loads and loads of Lego bricks.

Not only have Lego sets become the go-to gift from just about anyone – contributing to their over-abundance of bricks – but they inherited a huge box of them from their older cousins.

They have proved to be an invaluable learning tool in our homeschool – as they truly love going to their room and building with bricks what we’ve been learning in school.

When I began homeschooling, one of the things I wanted to do was do fewer worksheets and encourage my kids to use their creativity to learn.

I feel that they learn far more through playing games and creativity than he does by filling in worksheets.

Sure – worksheets are great because they give us lasting, tangible evidence of their comprehension of the material.

But they are not always – even often – the best method for learning.

One of the best ways my son learns is through creating things and one of his most favorite toys is Legos.

A couple of years ago, my friend Misty from Year Round Homeschooling sent me a packet of her Lego Winter Task Cards.

My kids loved them!

They asked to do them over and over and over.

And it got me to thinking: I could do these for learning challenges! We could use them for science, history, holidays….

So, I began to do that.

Here is a playlist:

When we’d learn about bones, I’d have them create the bones we’d learned about.

It was amazing how well my kids connected with the material and comprehended what we were learning.

That is why I decided to begin offering these Brick Master Challenge cards on my blog. ( You can check out more of my Brick Master Challenge sets here)

This set is set one of my Build Through History challenge cards.

It covers from the time of the Nomads to the Greek Empire. I hope your kids have as much fun with these as my kids have!

What I like to do is mix up the sets and have them pick three or four cards and come back with an entire masterpiece of history builds.

You can get this free set of Brick Master Challenge Cards: Build Through History Set 1 by typing your email in the form below:

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