Church, Let’s Stop Judging and Start Loving!

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I am writing this from Croatia, where COVID-19 is just starting to break out.

Last week we had only a handful of cases, and I sat in my house, watching the news, and sharing Memes on my Facebook page.

People in America were stockpiling on toilet paper; something I still don’t understand.

It is now less than a week later and the cases in Croatia are now rising by 7-10 on a daily basis and it is projected that by next weekend they will explode.


Will they explode?

Will Croatia be another Italy or Spain?

Will the entire country be on lockdown, like our neighboring countries?

Is all of this mass hysteria for nothing?

Are we facing a global economic ressession.

All questions that have run through my head these past few days as I’ve followed the news.

All questions literally no one can answer but God.

But there is something else that I’m seeing that is equally as destructive in a spiritual sense- perhaps more, than the virus, hysteria, and possible ressession combined.

Church, Let’s Stop Judging and Start Loving!

There are Christians who are deeply concerned for the health and well-being of people.

They are concerned for the elderly and chronically ill among us.

And these are not living in fear, but are walking in wisdom. We know factually that the virus, in and of itself, is not deadly – because there are those who recover well.

There are those who have been infected and have very few symptoms.

But there are those who have died. They have rapidly become ill and experienced complications from the virus that have been fatal.

There are also Christians who are deeply concerned that the church walk in faith and trust in God’s power.

They are dedicated to encouraging the body. And they, too, are responding rightly.

I deeply appreciate the verses and encouragement they share each day!

However, as things have progressed the past week, some churches have chosen to suspend services for the time being, we are starting to see two camps develop.

Each camp standing on their side of the issue and hurling judgement on each other.

Those who have chosen to suspend church services judge those who haven’t, saying that the church should be on the front lines of protecting those most at risk.

Those who have chosen not to suspend services judge those who have, saying that they are not walking in faith and trust in God.

Who is right?

Both are right!!

Each have chosen what they feel is best for their congregation.

What is wrong is the judgmental spirit on open display.

Instead, as children of God, we should remember that we are all different parts of the body.

We each have a different function; and to that end, we all have a different calling and will operate in that calling differently.

Instead of spreading the cancer of judgmental in the body, let’s eradicate it with grace!

If a church has chosen to suspend services and this virus ends up being as bad as they predict, praise God – they were on the front lines of protection.

And praise God for those who stayed open – giving people a place to come and join together and pray for the sick, elderly, and most at risk.

If it turns out that the virus isn’t as bad as they predict, praise God! I mean – really – PRAISE GOD!

All I know is this:

I don’t want to err on the side of judgement.

I don’t want to stand pointing a finger to anyone.

I want to stand with my brothers and sisters on both side, in support and honor; extending love and grace.

Let’s do as Jesus said: let the world know we are his disciples by our love for one another!

P.S. – If your church has suspended services, here are 5 ways you can hold family services at home until your local church services resume.

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