Dear Mom, Schooling at Home During Coronavirus

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Dear mom, If you’re reading this, you have probably found yourself schooling at home during coronavirus.

I want to acknowledge that this isn’t homeschool for you.

There is a huge difference! My family and I made the choice to homeschool, whereas you didn’t get that luxury.

But here we are, the better part of the world right now finds themselves int he same situation: schooling their children at home.

I want to offer some words of encouragement for you today.

Dear Mom, Schooling at Home During Coronavirus

Whether you make the decision to homeschool or it was thrust upon you by health and safety measures due to coronavirus, the idea of schooling at home is intimidating.

I can’t tell you how many nights I lay in my bed absolutely terrified at the decision we made to homeschool our boys.

I didn’t feel qualified or capable to take on the task.

It was comforting to know that I wasn’t alone in feeling that way; it was also comforting to know that there were thousands of moms out there just like me who had felt the same way, but went on to graduate their kids and watch them head off to do great things in the world.

Deep breaths, we can do this – through Christ who gives us strength!

The great news is, there is an enormous homeschooling community ready and willing to step along side of you to encourage and give you resources while you navigate this unfamiliar path.

Here are a few things I’ve learned during my first year of homeschooling.

1. Who do you want discipling your child?

Recently I attended an online Homeschool summit with speaker Voddie Baucham, who said this “Whoever is teaching my child is discipling my child.”

That simple sentence slammed into my heart.

I realized that even in homeschooling, my husband and I have to be careful that we are the ones discipling our children. We can’t afford to give up that role to anyone else.

Any other person who instructs our children is partnering with us in the education process, but we are the authority and decision-makers in discipleship process.

2. The lessons are a guide, not a border wall

When you think about a border wall, you think of containment; officials telling you whether you can cross the boundary.

School lessons should not be that.

They shouldn’t be dictators telling us how our children should learn, they should be guides giving us direction.

Our children don’t get to choose how they should learn; the way in which receive and retain information is as unique to them as their DNA.

Part of our job is to figure out how this works for them, and then take the lessons and shape them into the key that unlocks their unique door so they can receive the information.

Sounds complicated?

It really isn’t! You have the guide right in front of you. Now you get to take that and find fun, creative ways to present it to your kid!

And this has never been easier!

If you’re like me and have trouble being creative, do a Pinterest search or ask in a homeschooling Facebook group.

You’ll find more ideas than you have time for!

3. Make learning fun and stress-free

The most valuable lesson I learned this year is that school – or learning in general – happens best when it’s fun.

When learning becomes a negative experience, your child will begin to view education as an event that happens during childhood.

As soon as he or she can get through it and move on to a new phase of life, they will.

How tragic is that?

Learning should be a life-long process that is a part of everything we do!

During these school years, the most challenging task we have as parents is to awaken in them an unquenchable curiosity that drives them to learn.

When learning becomes initiated by our children, instead of being forced upon them, half of our job is already done.

All we need to do is give them the tools and then set them free!

4. Invest in family time

Learning can fill a timeslot of our day – becoming another task we check off of our things to do for the day or….

it can be a part of family time.

It’s all in how we view it.

COVID-19 did something for families all over the world that nothing else could do.

We’ve read the blogs and magazine articles telling us to slow down and enjoy the moment…and yet, we’ve rushed on to pack our schedules full of sports practices, playdates, and other events that kept us busy…

Most weekends we didn’t have time to just be together as a family without an organized event dictating what we do.

But now we suddenly find ourselves with more time than we know what to do with.

  • Grab a fun book and read aloud as a family. Go ahead! Read to your child — even if they know how to read. Not only is it good for kids to be read to, but you can make it fun by doing voices. You can start with some old standbys like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Little House, or The Boxcar Children.
  • Do “Fun Bag. Grab a gift bag and some slips of paper. Write down some fun activities like: Dance party, Game night, Crazy dress up, or other fun activities. Put them all in the bag and let your kids draw one.
  • Have meals together where you turn the TV off and put the devices in another room. Look at each other and talk.
  • Do a family meeting where you chat and get to know one another. I ask my kids the following questions: What is the funnest thing you learned this week? What is the hardest thing you learned this week? Who is your superhero? What is your favorite toy? What is one thing you really want to learn, that you haven’t learned yet?

5. Thank God for this gift

Dear mom, I know it’s hard.

Most moms aren’t used to having their kids home all day, and their kids are used to seeing their friends everyday and having more structure.

This is a huge adjustment for everyone.

But remember: God gave you your kids; and He’s already provided you the grace for this task!

Sometimes our greatest gifts come in unexpected packages.

And you’ve been given a great and valuable gift in this season.

Make it count!

Invest in the memories you can create!

When your kids are grown and raising families of their own, you will look back on 2020 as one of the most treasured years of motherhood.

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