5 Ways to Hold Family Worship When You Can’t Get to Church

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Everything everywhere is closing right now in the face of the pandemic that is the COVID-19 virus.

Even churches in some areas.

So, what should you do if you aren’t able to get to church on Sunday? One thing you shouldn’t do is avoid family worship.

5 Ways to Hold Family Worship When You Can’t Get to Church

One thing many readers may not know about my family is that we aren’t always able to get to church on Sunday.

My husband is in a career that requires him to work many Sundays, and we are a one-car family in the country; which means when takes the car to work on Sunday mornings, the boys and I must stay home.

But one thing I am very intentional about on those Sundays is family worship.

If we can’t get to church in town, we have church at home!

1. Review last Sunday’s Sermon or Sunday School lesson

I am one of my kids’ school teachers, and so I have a copy of the curriculum we use. When I know we will not be able to be at church, I simply do the Sunday school lesson with them at home.

But if you don’t have access to the lesson, you can simply review the lesson they learned last week.

If you don’t have children, or if your children are older, you can review last week’s sermon as a family.

2. Go back and watch a previously streamed service

Many churches now stream their services as a service to those who have careers like my husband, who are ill or are shut-ins.

If your church, or a church in your city, streams their church services, go back and watch a previously streamed church service.

3. Listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video

Many pastors and Bible teachers podcast or have YouTube channels. You can even begin a series as a family if you know your church will be closed for a while.

Read my post: Church, Let’s Stop Judging and Start Loving!

This could make family worship a deep time of bonding spiritually as each week you delve deeper into what God’s Word says about what God is doing in your lives as a family.

In this post 10 Bible Study Hacks for New Christians, I include a list of podcasts I enjoy listening to.

Also, here are some Bible studies I’ve created that you can do as a family. During this time I have discounted all of my studies 100%.

Simply use the coupon code: familyworship

If you live outside of the U.S., simply email me.

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4. Read through the Bible together

If you don’t have consistent family devotions, this could be a great time to begin building consistency in this area.

Make Sundays “Family Devotion Day” and start reading through the Bible together. You don’t have to go from Genesis through to Revelation.

You can do one book at a time, starting with a book you know your family will particularly enjoy.

Monday March 23, I am starting a FREE verse-by-verse study through Psalm 91. You can join here: Good Morning Girls in the Word

5. Don’t forget the music and prayer

When doing family worship, don’t forget to spend some time singing together as a family.

Whether your church sings traditional hymns or more modern worship music, spend some time singing God’s praises together as a family.

There is great power in singing our worship to God.

Just go to YouTube and create a playlist of the worship music you would like to use in your family worship this Sunday.

Also, don’t forget to pray together as a family.

You can make a prayer list or family prayer journal: asking each member what their needs are, making a list of unsaved friends and loved ones to pray for, and then taking time to thank God for His provision and protection.

A Final Word

Dear sisters, this is a time of great unrest all around the world.

Watching the news, learning of all of the closures, and seeing the empty grocery shelves threatens to unsettle our hearts.

But we know that despite all that is going on right now, God is still on the throne.

The Coronavirus has not taken Him by surprise in the least.

He already has a plan in place to care for you and your family. All we need to do is trust Him.

And continue to be faithful in His Word, in prayer, and in worship until we are able to once again gather together as a congregation.

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  1. Thank you Rosilind for these ideas to home church and encouraging words. We are indeed in perilous times and need to stay focused on God.

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