How To Set Up New Store

Open my blog and on the left sidebar scroll down to “products” under WooCommerce and open them up.

Pick one from the list that I gave you.

Copy the title of the product

Go to SendOwl and pick Products from the left hand sidebar

Click Add Product

Choose “Product”

Choose “Digital File” and paste the title of the product.

Choose the file from the file I sent you in Dropbox

Go back to my blog and scroll down to find the price

Put the price in the price box

Also, be sure to tick the “PDF Sharing” box and click “Create Product”

Go back to my blog, and in the left hand sidebar, find pages. Hover over it and choose Add New

Copy the same title of the product in the title area of the new page

Click back to the product from my old store on my blog and copy the entire description. Paste it in the new page you’re creating. Click “Publish”

Then, go back to the first product from my old store on my blog, and in the right hand side bar, click on “Published”. Then choose “Draft” from the pull down menu. Click Update.

That’s it!