My Favorite Homeschool Planner

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Having a comprehensive but simple homeschool planner is essential for a homeschool mom. After trying several methods, this one continues to be my favorite! #homeschool #planner

Are you like me?

I geek out over a good planner.

Seriously though, it’s like Christmas – sitting down with a fresh, new planner and filling in all of the details, making careful plans, detailing all of the things we plan to do.




That’s why I absolutely love The Essential Year Round Homeschool Planner by Year Round Homeschooling.

I’m starting off with making long-term goals for the year.

Then I will use the quarterly and monthly planning sheets to plan out where I think we should be each month and quarter.

This will help me to keep track of our progress for the year.

For the first month, I plan to make weekly plans only a month in advance. I plan to do this through December.

If this goes well, and we keep up with our lesson plans, in December I’ll begin quarterly planning for the rest of the year.

The Essential Year Round Homeschool Planner doesn’t have to be used just for year round homeschooling.

It can actually be used for any homeschool style!

It is an 80-page digital, undated planner. You print off only what you plan to use and you can use it over and over each year.

One purchase, unlimited uses!

In this planner you get:

  • Pre-planning section
  • Homeschool curriculum shopping section
  • Year round homeschooling schedule options included
  • Monthly, weekly and quarterly planning pages
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly review pages
  • Attendance and grading logs
  • Grading charts
  • Field trip ideas
  • Notes and brainstorming pages

You can view a sample of the planner here.

Another planner to consider from Year Round Homeschooling is her student planner.

The Year Round Homeschool Student Planner is perfect for older students who are able to be more self-led.

One purchase grants you permission to use the planner with multiple students and you receive:

  • Simple planning pages for kids
  • Grading charts to make reporting and tracking easy
  • Checklists for independent learning and responsibility
  • Monthly book lists
  • Undated 12-Month Calendar
  • Vertical and Horizontal Weekly Planning Pages
  • Weekly Grade Log
  • Weekly Subject Checklists
  • Field Trip Log

You can find a description of both planners here:

The Essential Year Round Homeschool Planner

Year Round Homeschool Student Planner

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