5 Keys To Contentment: All About Complaining:

This is a six-part series based on this list by Ella Spees as found in the book by Linda Dillow: “Lord Calm My Anxious Heart.” All About Complaining Our Imagination Our Lot in Life Wishful Thinking Treasure Today Its a Journey A couple of days ago, after having had a grand total of maybe 4 […]

Saying Goodbye to Grandpa

One very special moment of our vacation I will always hold in my heart was being able to see my Grandpa, my dad’s dad and the last remaining grandparent in my family.  This was particularly special for me as I was able to introduce him to Z and Robi. While he lay there, we all talked […]

Christmas Traditions of Yore

To this day the memory transports me to a place of wonder and magic, filling me with warmth and love, and a sense of anticipation overtakes me.  For whatever reason, the tree that year was especially beautiful – all the lights, decorations, and tinsel – it was almost like Currier and Ives had come to […]

I’m All For Saying Merry Christmas but…

  Every year about this time my Facebook timeline is filled with graphics about saying Merry Christmas, stories about people who said it and lost their jobs, or how the Government doesn’t have the right to prevent us from doing so. People are suddenly suspicious when someone opts for “Happy Holidays” (even though this term […]

My Journey To Motherhood

I have wanted to write this story for quite some time now, but have struggled to find the strength to do so. Reading the story of other women’s struggles has given me both the inspiration and boldness to share my own story – fraught with struggles, fear, heartache, disappointment, glimmers of hope, anticipation, and joy. […]