30 Day Prayer Challenge for Colossians


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This 30-page workbook can be used alone or with your favorite prayer journal. With this prayer challenge you will pray through the entire book of Colossians and learn how to apply God’s Word to your personal life through journaling your prayers through this powerful book!


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The book of Colossians is by far the best presentation of Christ that we see in the Bible. He addresses the sufficiency of Christ, His divinity and His supremacy.

Then in the latter half of chapter 3, Paul begins to address the behavior of a Christian:

What his character should be like
What his home life should be like
What his behavior should be like

Colossians was written some time between A.D. 58-62, so there was an entire generation, and a new generation being raised, that had never actually seen Jesus. He had ascended to heaven some 30 years earlier.

So all they knew of Jesus was what they had heard.

And they faced the same danger that we face today.

Christianity is only ever one generation away from being extinct. If false teachers could convince them that Jesus was not God and that salvation was based upon works:

How good they are
The holy things they did
Avoiding those things that are not holy

Then they could, essentially, eradicate Christianity. Because any religion that teaches salvation based on works, holiness based on works, and the acceptance of God based on works, is not Christianity!

Those who teach this doctrine preach another Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:4)

And, sadly, today there are many false teachers in the church who are preaching another Christ.


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