Who Am I In Christ? Ephesians Bible Study


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Who I Am In Christ? – A Study Through the Book of Ephesians is a self-paced Bible study that helps you dig deeper into the book of Ephesians to understand what Paul was saying about identity, position, and power of a believer.

In this study you will learn what how to walk in your new identity in Jesus Christ.

How that translates into the local and global body of Christ.

And how it gives you power to live from a position of victory, and not defeat!


This workbook includes:

  • 17 chapters of written text that take you on a journey through the entire book of Ephesians
  • Study questions after each chapter

When you purchase this workbook, you will receive a free copy of the 30 Day prayer challenge for Ephesians, and a free study sheet to help you apply what you’ve read in God’s Word.

This workbook will be available July 17th, but is available for pre-order now!

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Do you know who you are in Christ?

Do you still struggle with old habits, old defaults, old attitudes, and old ways of thinking?

Are you living a life of victory, or defeat?

As I began to delve into the book of Ephesians, I quickly realized that this letter that Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus would be a much larger study than I had originally though.

Each chapter and each verse is packed with so much truth that it was impossible to make this study short, and I could have still gone on to write more

When will this study begin?

The Who I Am in Christ Ephesians Bible study will begin July 17th.

If you can’t join us then, you can still purchase the workbook later and do it at a time that fits your schedule best.

What do you need for this study?

I recommend that you pre-order the Who I Am In Christ – a study through the book of Ephesians workbook. It is over 130 pages of exegetical text and study questions, plus room for notes, and will be discounted from today until the first day of the study.

When you purchase the workbook, you will also receive a free copy of The 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Ephesians, and the worksheet below:


While I will post the written material in the workbook on my blog, the workbook has additional study questions to help you apply the material to your life.

If you can’t afford the workbook, you can still print off the blog posts, or just take notes in your own journal or notebook.

I also recommend you sit down with your Bible for this study, use colored pencils, and take notes in the margins.

This is what my Bible looks like:



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