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Even if you don’t live in the UK, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral today is of great significance to our children.

The ability to be able to watch her funeral live (or even a replay of a live broadcast) is truly a historic opportunity.

Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch in British history and the 2nd longest reigning monarch in world history – 2nd to Louis XIV of France.

So, to be able to witness the funeral of such a long-reigning monarch is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

So, today I decided to switch up school and do a Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Unit Study.

Below are some resources to use today to teach your children about Queen Elizabeth, her the tremendous span of her reign, and impact she had on Great Britain.

1. A virtual tour of Buckingham Palace

Tour Buckingham Palace right from your living room on this website.

Learn about the history of Buckingham Palace below:

Learn the history of Westminister Abbey

2. Learn about the life of Queen Elizabeth

Learning about the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth here at Biography.com. This website has lots of photographs.

You can also watch these videos below (some are short and some are longer)

What is the meaning of the Queen’s Orb and Scepter

3. Art

Color a picture of Queen Elizabeth

Color a picture of the United Kingdom flag

Color a picture of Buckingham Palace

Or make Buckingham Palace out of Lego bricks.

4. Geography

Here is a great, concise explanation of the difference between the UK and Great Britain.

Map out UK using this blank map

List of the British Commonwealth countries

5. Writing and Copywork

Use this website to find some memorable quotes by Queen Elizabeth. Use them for copywork and/or dictation.

Copy down – or make a graph – of the line of succession to the throne, starting from King Charles III. You can use this website as a guide.

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6. Paddington Bear

Watch Queen Elizabeth in Paddington 2

7. Learn About Corgis – Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dog

The Complete Guide to Corgis – A book all about raising Corgis

Drag a Corgi

10 Fun Facts About CorgisRead about them here

Color a Corgi with these colorsheets:

8. Watch the funeral live (or replay) below:

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