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I have two boys. Two boys who are crazy about the solar system.

I discovered this purely by accident the first month I homeschooled my youngest son.

These solar system notebooking pages are colorful and fun; they are perfect to help your kids research and learn about our amazing Universe. #alittlerandr #notebookingpages #solarsystem #homeschooling #freeprintables

I had chosen the solar system as a science unit study that month, and what developed was an instant love affair with space.

Rocket ships.
Planets – particularly Saturn

Since then, we’ve revisited the Solar System at least once, and we’ll probably revisit it again this summer.

So, I thought it would be great fun to use these notebooking pages as a part of further investigation into the solar system!

There’s room to both draw and write – I can’t wait to use them!

You can use these Solar System Notebooking pages with my Solar System Unit Study.

I’ll admit, when we began homeschooling at the beginning of this school year, I felt like I was all thumbs and left feet.

I still feel like I’m all thumbs and left feet a lot of days.

But, that’s slowly changing.

In December we made a move to bring our oldest son home with us for homeschool, and that was the start to our massive homeschool overhaul that I can’t wait to blog about later.

It felt so different, embarking on homeschooling a child who already had 2 1/2 years of school behind him.

I felt intimidated and lost.

But through prayer and listening to the advice of friends, I decided that two things had to be central to learning in our home:

  • Reading – we would read. A lot
  • Writing – we would write. A lot

One of the greatest tools I’m finding helpful to helping my MERLD children build reading and listening comprehension is notebooking.

What I’ve Learned About Notebooking

At first, it seemed like Greek to me – but then I began to see how my children retained information better when they wrote it.

Also, I found that notebooking is much easier when you understand the steps and building blocks for notebooking.

A great resource for me has been Danika Cooley from Thinking Kids

In her articles about notebooking, she encourages moms to read short paragraphs and dictate short sentences to beginner notebookers.

From there you help stretch them in notebooking, by keeping notebooking just slightly above their ability.

Also, she encourages a lot of drawing, as a healthy and creative notebooking process.

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