Multi-Grade Level St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study

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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be controversial for the faith- based community, which is understandable.

St. Patrick’s Day is by and large a day that many celebrate simply by wearing green, drinking gross amounts alcohol, and becoming drunk.

However, St. Patrick was a wonderful Christian, and it would be a shame for the Christian community to miss the opportunity of celebrating the life of such a dedicated missionary as was St. Patrick.

Multi-Grade Level St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study

Doing unit studies during holidays is so much fun, but if you are not into doing unit studies, feel free to take certain portions of this study and incorporate them into what you’re doing to “spice up” your school days during the month of March.


St. Patrick was a missionary, so this is the perfect opportunity to talk about missions.

What does being a missionary mean?

1. Tell the story of St. Patrick.

Torchlighters has a wonderful video on the story of St. Patrick. You can find it here on Amazon

You can also find the Torchlighters video on St. Patrick here on Redeem TV.

Tell the story of other missionaries. Child Evangelism Fellowship has wonderful tools for missions. Their booklets are large with beautiful, colorful pictures.

2. You may want to decide (if you haven’t already) to support a missionary as a family on a monthly basis or with a one-time gift.

Contact the church you are attending and ask who it is that they support and give to that missionary.

You may prefer to go online and search various sites such as Wycliffe Translators , Foursquare Missions International  or Church of God World Missions to find a missionary you’d like to support.

3. A great way to get you children involved is to have them do various chores and make their own money to give to missions.

Talk about how important it is for people who don’t know Jesus to learn about him and how we help people to be able to do that by giving to their ministries.

4. Memorize verses:

Isaiah 6:8; Isaiah 52:7; Mark 16:15; Romans 10:14 are some great verses to learn during a missions unit. 


1. If you have younger children, doing a unit geography study using missions as a center would be fun. Missionary Kid Stories is an excellent book to use.

Grab these free worksheets for Children Around the World  from Embark on the Journey to use to add some geography!

 If you have older children and are looking for something more serious, studying the history of Ireland during the 4th and 5th centuries would make for an interesting study.

A great place to start would be here.  

You could combine History and Grammar and have them do a research paper including maps and interesting historical facts from that time.


1. A fun science activity for all ages would be to plant clover seeds in cups and watch them grow.

The smallest amount of clover easily found on the internet is 1 lb. So you do need to buy quite a lot, but it’s not too pricey. 

No matter their age, making a poster about all of the facts they’ve discovered and doing an oral presentation is a great way to solidify what they’ve studied

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1. The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day  is a great book either for small children 2-3 years old, or it can also be used for beginner readers.

There is also a video of someone reading it on YouTube which can be helpful at times for young readers or children with learning disabilities like dyslexia or Merld.

Missionary Stories With the Millers is a book of short stories for kids reading on a second or third grade level.

Books for older children and teens on missionaries that have proven to be excellent are:


Language is sometimes a difficult subject to do thematically but as mentioned earlier, older children could do a research report and knowing how to do a research reports well is a very important skill to develop almost imperative if your child wants to get into college.

Here is a very helpful article on writing research reports.

1. Children from grades K-3 could write a short 3- 6 sentence paragraph on various themes such as:

  • Who Was St. Patrick
  • Why I Like Rainbows
  • Why I Like the Color Green

Shurley English has wonderful free printable Prewriting Maps for various grade levels that help children to organize their thoughts before they write their paragraphs. 

Here is an excellent free St. Patrick’s Day unit study by ABC Teach for children from about 2nd grade and up.


Making a list of grade appropriate spelling words or having them copy out their memory verse is an easy way to tie in and reinforce your theme, and having them write them out on these fun notebooking pages makes it even more enjoyable.


1. Math is usually best to learn linearly with a program.

However, there are several things you could do in addition to your math program to make it fun

  • Repeating skip counting by threes and fours (because of three- and four-leaf clovers). You could even use a green jump rope while skip counting!
  • Older children could learn how to make a budget. They could learn how missionaries are usually required to make a budget before they go on the mission field and must do support raising so that they have the monthly funds that they need for overseas. Budget making is something rarely taught in school and a very important skill to learn.

There are two verses of the notebooking pages:

The free version, which includes the usual pages that my notebooking pages packs include.

The Extended Version, which includes all of the page in the free pack, plus “Facts” pages for several of the lessons in this unit study. You can get those here.

You wont want to miss getting these fun and colorful pages to help your children build comprehension and research skills!


If your child doesn’t play an instrument (or even if they do), but you’d like to do some music appreciation; an interesting thing to learn about during this unit might be harps.

They are very prevalent in Irish culture and music. Here is a very interesting BBC documentary on harps.

This is a short 8-minute tutorial on how the harp is played

This is an Irish piece played by a famous harp player

If your child plays an instrument, you might want to have them learn to play the Irish jig.

Here is a very simplified version by Making Music Fun for beginner piano players. And learning the Irish jig is an excellent way to develop rhythm (hello, double points for PE!!!!) 


A St. Patrick’s theme is an excellent opportunity to learn about the 6 colors of the rainbow and do various art projects with paint, collage paper, tissue paper or colored pencils. Kids can learn various technique on how colors are mixed, how they blend, etc.

Kids love to cook and learning about various counties gives parents so many opportunities to cook foods from various counties, but if you want to keep things simple, get yourself a shamrock cookie cutter, and some food coloring, and make green sugar cookies with your kiddos.

Or if you’re up for something a tad more complicated, you can buy some pudding, food coloring and make these totally fun rainbow pudding pops

St. Patrick’s Day can be so educational and fun. It shouldn’t be about green beer. It should actually be a very spiritual experience for you as a family.

Oh, but don’t forget to have your kiddos wear green on March 17th… and Mom, don’t you DARE wear green because you kids HAVE to have someone to pinch!

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