How Food Affects Adrenal Fatigue

“The battle is real” – as my friend says. And when it comes to Adrenal Fatigue and food, it is a tough battle wage. I don’t know what it’s like for others, but for me it was a vicious cycle. Giving into fatigue led to mindless eating, and mindless eating usually meant unhealthy “comfort” foods” […]

Mock Potato Salad {no cauliflower}

I’ll be really honest, I’m tired of cauliflower. This past summer, my mother-in-law bought me two g-i-a-n-t heads of cauliflower. I cleaned, prepped, and froze them to use little-by-little. I still have a little left. And I am tired of it. Really. Really. Tired. But here’s the thing…….spring, flowers, birds singing, sun shining……spring was usually […]

Keto Shopping List – Free Download

A lot of people in my Keto Coaching Group have asked for a shopping list. I used to have a page here on my blog with a printable version to download, but I thought having a nice pretty printable would be helpful to everyone!! LCHF/Ketogenic eating includes a wide spectrum of plans and opinions. It […]

Why I Began the Ketogenic Diet

In February of 2017 I began the Ketogenic Diet –  a journey that has changed my life. Out of frustration with my health and weight, I once again embarked on yet another diet. Little did I know that this diet would quickly turn into a new way of eating, it would lead me to research […]

3 Tips to Drink More Water

Do you drink enough water each day? How much water is too much, or how much is too little?  As you begin to cut back the carbs and increase your fat intake, your body will go into a state of ketosis (not to be confused with ketoacidosis – which is a condition of type-1 diabetes and is […]