4th of July Notebooking Pages

While most homeschool families take a break for the summer, it’s a shame if we let one of our most important holidays pass by without turning it into a learning opportunity. The 4th of July is packed with so many learning opportunities for our kids! Wonderful children’s books have been written on our nation’s founders […]

Superhero Notebooking Pages – Free Download

My kids love superheros. I think most boys love superhero stories: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America… All stories I – as a girl – never thought I’d have to learn so much about. But here I am, I know more about these “boy stories” than I wish I did! I have found that having notebooking […]

Solar System Unit Study for MERLD Kids

I am so excited about sharing this solar system unit study, because my kids have had so much fun with it this month. Learning has never been so fun! When I very first introduced my youngest son to the solar system, I had no idea that it would be such a big deal. I inadvertently […]

Solar System Notebooking Pages – Free Download

I have two boys. Two boys who are crazy about the solar system. I discovered this purely by accident the first month I homeschooled my youngest son. I had chosen the solar system as a science unit study that month, and what developed was an instant love affair with space. Rocket ships.Planets – particularly SaturnAstronauts […]

Dear Mommy, Stop Trying to Defend Your Decision to Homeschool

If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself trying to defend your decision to homeschool. Every little advancement Every good grade Every cool field trip They all get hung up like badges to prove that our decision to homeschool was the right decision. I know, because I’ve found myself doing this lately with my friends. It […]

7 Must-Have MERLD Resources

I don’t think I’ve spoken to one person who knows what MERLD is. If you’re here, you may be wondering, too, what it is. Or if you know about MERLD, you’re probably scrambling to find as much information as you can….and realizing there isn’t a lot out there. MERLD stands for Mixed Expressive Receptive Language […]

What Every Parent Needs to Know About MERLD

When our children began to display signs of a language delay, I began to research ways I could help them. My husband and I tried many things, but nothing we did seemed to help very much. The more time went on, the more we began to worry. I spent many nights googling, researching, taking notes, […]