6 Things to Know About Homeschooling a Kid With MERLD

Being a homeschool graduate myself, I always knew I’d homeschool my children. However, when I moved to a country where homeschooling is almost entirely unheard of, I relinquished that dream. I feel that a decision to homeschool requires both the mother and father being 100% on board, otherwise it causes a lot of friction and […]

6 Things I Learned Homeschooling a Child with MERLD

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the statement that homeschool shouldn’t look traditional. By it’s very definition it is anti-traditional school. It is homeschool, not school at home. Honestly, it still hasn’t sunk in completely. But what hasn’t yet sunk in all the way, should by the end of the 2019-2020 school year — because […]

Our Curriculum Choices for the 2019-2020 School Year

One of the most overwhelming aspects of homeschooling for me (and probably for most) is curriculum choice. There are so many options! You could get lost for months researching curriculum…whether you want to go with a streaming service for one set of curriculum or mix-and-match from several different sources. There are websites that have everything set […]

5 Ways We Make Sure Our Kids Are Socialized

When I was halfway through my 4th grade year, my parents chose to begin homeschooling. This was back in the 80s (I believe 1984) when few people were homeschooling, it was odd and strange and people had a million questions. The most common question for homeschoolers is “What about socialization. How will your children socialize?” I […]

Why We Chose to Homeschool Our MERLD Son

**Update 12/2019 – This month we chose to unenroll our oldest son from public school as well. He is excited to begin the second semester of this school year at home!** We had every intention of enrolling both of our MERLD children in public school. In 2017, we enrolled our oldest MERLD son in public […]