The Dead Dreams Workshop of the Lord

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“My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes” – Anne of Green Gables


How many of us have been there? I have – hundreds of times.  

You have a hope, a dream, and you invest in that dream. You cultivate that dream. You plant that dream. And that dream sits in the ground and rots.

Joseph probably felt that way many times as he sat in that prison cell. The fact that he was in charge of the prisoners there was little consolation, given the fact that nearly 15 years earlier he had had a dream that his father and brothers would bow down to him.
Not that he really wanted them to bow down to him, in particular, but the dream pointed to something big. Bigger than him. Bigger than he could imagine. That was the dream in his heart. A bit illusive, sure. But, it was still there.
Except now he is in prison. There was little chance of anything big happening now.
And we’ve all been there; in the prison that enslaves our dreams to utter death and rotting.
If you’ve ever been in ministry, you’ve been in this prison time and time again. Ministry – whether full time or lay ministry – has a way of killing our dreams over and over. Okay, for some it seems like annihilation.
And there is a reason for that.
What seems like a prison of death to us is really a workshop.


You see, the dream God gave Joseph had the potential to make him proud and arrogant. His father and brothers would bow down to him; those same brothers who hated him and were jealous of him.
 Don’t think for a moment that he didn’t feel their jealousy and hate – and that it didn’t have some sort of affect on him. Sure it did!
 And the idea that these brothers who hated him would one day bow down to him – well, that’s a very heady thing!
So, God sent him to prison.  Wait! God did that???
Well, in a sense, yes. 
You see, what looked like a prison to the human eye was really a workshop. It was in that workshop that God was able to refine Joseph, mold Joseph and prepare him for the grand revelation of his dream.
Had Joseph moved to second in command to Pharaoh without heart preparation, he would not have been as useful in the Lord’s hands!
Dear one, I know it seems that your dream has died. But, just like Joseph, what seems like a prison of death is really only a workshop where the Lord is molding and refining you so that you can be most effective in His work.
Rejoice! For it is His beloved ones whom He chooses to lead into the workshop of the Lord!
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  1. Great reminder to give our dreams to the Lord and not to give up! Also, always love a good linky party 🙂

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