Reader Question: Do You Have Tools to Help With Memorizing and Utilizing Scripture? Episode #21

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Over the past couple of months on the A Little R & R Podcast, we have talked about how to read and study our Bible effectively.

But if that’s all we do – if we just read, and even study, but never really put into practice what we’ve read, our reading and study is in vain.

God didn’t give us the Bible study to read it.

He didn’t give it to us just to study it, so we know it really well.

God gave us the Bible to transform our life: our thinking, our emotions, our decisions, our worldview.

And this only happens when that word goes deep into our heart and we begin utilizing it – we begin meditating on it.

We begin reflecting on how our life measures up to it and begin taking steps to put it into practice.

That is what today’s podcast is all about.

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Reader Question: Do You Have Tools to Help With Memorizing and Utilizing Scripture? Episode #21

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