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  1. Rosilind I left you a message in a private chat on MeWe last week. Have you looked at it yet. I know you are really busy. Hope all is well with you and your family. Love, Mary

  2. Love your Blog! I thought I saw somewhere you had info on a prayer journal/notebook of some sort that looks like or is a travelers notebook. Do you know where I’d find that?

  3. I am reaching out to you humbly requesting you and your ministry to intercede on my behalf as have found myself in a spiritual warfare that has been going on for over 20 years now I know God has victory in store for me but I recognize that i need the prayer support of the saints and the Body of Christ to help me out in my hour of crucial urgent need .
    Please I’m reaching out to you to request some urgent prayer for myself and my family
    Criminal Court Case on 6th February 2023 God’s favour & victory
    Labour Case Success and extraordinary verdict for back pay going back to 2014 in full matter under review at labour court.
    Motor Accident Cases Insurance company to stop fighting and agree to a settlement that will work to our favour. I simply was not at fault.
    My wife and I have a pending divorce. I am seeking God’s word for this matter and I really want to do what God wants me to do that’s right in this relationship. Whatever the situation is, God is able to intervene. I will accept His will. We have been together for 30 years and became separated in 2021 this resulted in a series of circumstances that brought us into this unfortunate place.
    The results has been through the courts with my wifes leading me to become homeless.
    I also want to pray for God to take us out of a homeless situation. My handicapped daughter and I are victims of an unfair domestic violence situation which found us out of a home by my wife and her siblings We now find ourselves in a situation where we have been living in a shelter and we’ve not been able to get the right services to help my handicap to attend myself.The shelter is unsafe as people have been murdered here and the county us aware of it.
    Overdue storage bill $600.00 Debts to be settled
    Looking for a 3 bedroom townhouse or house.
    My daughters pending cochlear implant.
    Restoration of all the enemy stole from me.
    Ministry Direction and divine connection relationships.
    Business financial needs for capital and investors .Neurological Evaluation that will work in my daughters favour.
    Increased Ministry opportunities
    Pray for my ageing father Owen who is not well.
    My mother whose health is not well
    For God to give me the ability to take care of my parents in the old age and remove the hindrances from my life .
    End of all curses in my life and family line that rob me from being successful.
    Peace of mind: End of endless battles that keep me from focusing on progress.
    Be a better person Be a better father
    A better man because in Christ we can find ourselves becoming a better being daily.
    Please feel free to reach out to me directly on +1 216 219 7291
    We thank you for your support time and prayers
    God Bless

  4. Your messages are awesome – but I have to pose same question as I did to a Christian minister I am following – He has a huge healing ministry and a healing school and said God does not put sickness on anyone to teach them anything-
    Please check out Andrew Wommack Ministries – You tube- the reason I am sharing this – I am also searching for truth – there is a Healing school – Charis Bible College and an entire ministry birthed out of it called – Healing Journeys today- You tube- 100’s of tesimonies of total healing. We are all searching – the thorn in Pauls side verses everyone that asks him he healed immediately.

  5. I shouldn’t have been so quick on the delete button this morning. You wrote something about doing the hard things & now I can’t find that anywhere. Can you please either resend it to me or let me know how to access that? I need to post it on my forehead!!

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