A Study of Hebrews

How well do you understand the grace of God? As women, we try so hard to be perfect, get the Christian life just right and have all of the pieces in just the right places. The book of Hebrews is a deep and complex argument for the finality of Christ’s sacrifice and His completed work […]

Tailwind Training 101

Learn my best tips for using Tailwind: Learn to use Tailwind’s shortcuts Learn how to set up Board lists for easy scheduling Learn how to use tribes Learn how to set up Smart Looping These are my best Tailwind tips all in one place. Topics include: Setting Up a Tailwind Account Setting Up Board Lists […]

14 Days of Agape eStudy

Do you struggle to understand the love and grace of God? Does the concept of “church family” and the body of Christ being an extension of our family befuddle you at times? The church arguments The gossip The hypocrisy It’s almost as if the church family is as dysfunctional as any other family. And it […]

10 Days to a Fruitful Life

Are you frustrated with your spiritual growth? Do you feel that you should be at a greater level of spiritual maturity? We often grow impatient with ourselves, thinking that after salvation old habits should just start falling off. We forget that physical maturity takes decades, and we don’t tend to give ourselves adequate time to […]

Hope For Our Grief

Where do you go to find comfort? Food? Work? Sleep? Perhaps you’ve not even taken time to consider this question, but we all turn to something or someone for in those times when we’re walking through difficult times. Times of loss Time of reversal Times of pain Times of rejection Mine have always been food […]