5 Bible Study Tools I Love

It’s not enough just to read the Bible.

If we could just read the Bible and call it enough, it would no more impact our life than the latest popular novel. But God’s Word is more than a story, it is more than a book.

5 Bible Study Tools I Love

And that is why we need to make it a priority to daily study His Word. Study every word of every chapter of every book!

Here are 5 Bible study tools that I love!

1. Spirit-Filed Life Study Bible

I have had this Bible for probably 20 years and it is by far the best Bible I have ever owned. The study notes are thorough and very accurate. It has many additional features such as Word Wealth, Kingdom Dynamics and articles by Christianities leading pastors. With a contributing team of over 40 leading Christian leaders and scholars, this Bible is an excellent resource for every believer.


2. ACCU-Gel Highlighters

These highlighters are great because they do not bleed through your Bible’s thin pages. Plus they are in the perfect colors for color-coding your Bible!

3. Good Morning Girls One Chapter a Day Journals

Have you ever considered joining an online Bible study? Its so practical, because if you’re like me, you don’t have another free night to go to a Bible study. This way you can check in, whether you’re a morning or evening person, or even during the day. As we read through the Bible one chapter a day, Good Morning Girls puts out a journal for every book of the Bible. In the journal you have space to write out your observations and a prayer for every chapter, plus you receive a verse and question of the day to help you delve deeper into God’s Word.


4. Time Warp Wife Quieting Your Heart Prayer Journals

The Quieting Your Hearing studies by Time Warp Wife are not only sweet and whimsical, but they probe your heart and mind to daily find new reasons to be thankful. These journals bring out your inner artist with the sweet graphics you can color, and combined with the additional free resources provided on Time Warp Wife’s website they make for a wonderful and well-rounded study that you can do over and over!

5. Battle Plan Prayer Journal

This prayer journal is small. It can fit in your pocket or purse, so it’s great to carry around with you. Plus, there is a back pocket for small slips of paper (maybe business cards to remind you to pray for someone). It’s organized well with checkboxes to mark off answered prayers.