6 Top Bible Study Blogs for Christian Women

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I am always looking for new Bible study resources to enhance my quiet times and give me fresh, new ideas for Bible study.

Are you looking for some good Bible study blogs to follow that have good teaching and solid theology? Here are 6 that I highly recommend.

Here are 10 of the best Bible study blogs I’ve found that consistently offer excellent resources and are theologically sound. That is also very important to me.

When I look for a Bible study blog, I want to make sure that they not only offer great ideas and resources, but that they are also not afraid to confront a hard truth. This is why my list of Bible study blogs is so short; because I simply didn’t want to add anyone to the list that I truly don’t stand behind 100%!The Bible is full of hard truths, as well as encouragement and grace. We have to be able to accept and digest both, or we will be out of balance in our Christian walk.

So, without further ado…

Here are the 6 top Bible study blogs for Christian women

1. Women Living Well

I don’t think it’s any surprise that Courtney tops my list. I have followed Women Living Well since I first began blogging in 2010. I have always honored her sincerity and and openness, as well as her ability to take a truth head on and break it down for us. She is real and she is uncompromising. Two traits I value greatly in a friend!

Join us in studying The Book of Judges! You can order her Bible study workbooks here.

2. Time Warp Wife

Another blog I began reading about the time I began my blog is Time Warp Wife. I loved how Darlene brought out the value in those “old fashioned” marriage traditions that really shouldn’t be old fashioned at all. Like Courtney, Darlene doesn’t shy from the truth, but tackles it with grace and sincerity. I love that. Lately she has been putting out amazing Bible study material that I really love!

Join her in studying The Amazing Power of Grace. You can find her Bible study workbooks here.

3. Worshipful Living

Mandy is one of my blogging besties. One of the things I have enjoyed most about blogging is meeting other bloggers with the same passion I have for God’s Word. Mandy and I are blogging twinsies, actually. I can’t tell you how many times one of us has shared an idea, only to have the other say, “Oh my word, I am doing almost the same thing”….and as we talk we realize that our ideas don’t compete, they compliment. I love that!

Mandy has just launched her first Bible study course, and I know you’ll want to check it out: 7 Days to Jump Start Your Quiet Time

4. Foundational

You may not be aware, but my dad blogs as well! My dad’s blog is filled to the brim with posts that disciple both the new and seasoned believer. Actually, this is what he is most known for as a pastor of over 40 years: He can take a biblical truth that many find perplexing and break it down so that both the new believer and older believer can understand it and take it to heart. This is truly a gift.

He has great Bible study materials in his store, as well, and this fall will be launching an online institute with materials he’s taught in churches for over 30 years. You’ll not want to miss that!

5. Arabah Joy

Arabah Joy and I first connected a few years ago. She is a missionary, and so am I, and if felt so great to meet a fellow missionary in the blogsophere who had the same passion and calling as me.

I love her solid approach to God’s Word and her desire to provide women with quality resources that help them not only have a quiet time, but also help them lead their children in ways of the Lord as well. If you haven’t visited her blog, be sure you do. You’ll come away with loads of resources!

Check out her study Trust Without Borders. You’ll love it!

6. Proverbs 31 Ministries

Lysa TerKeurst is another writer I greatly admire because she is not afraid to stand for truth, but she is also not afraid to liberally extend grace. This has stood out to me a lot because that’s the journey I’ve been on for the past several years, learning how to balance grace and truth. She does it so gracefully!

Last year I read her book The Best Yes, and it completely transformed my life and the way I look at my calling, my family, and my commitments.

This year I am hosting a book study in my Facebook group Daily Christian Living with her book Made to Crave. So be watching for more details on that to come really soon!


Do you have a favorite Bible study blog? Let me know in the comments, you never know….I may even add them to this post!


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  1. Thank you SO much for this post! I have struggled to find blogs with solid Biblical content, so although I was already familiar with some of these bloggers, I look forward to checking out the others you suggested! 🙂

    1. Rosilind thanks for the post! Will add your suggestions to my list of reference resources.

      Sarah, I like the inductive bible study method – letting the bible interpret itself. So there are some references that I use to help put me in context as I study a book of the bible. The blog link below has a list useful websites on biblical genealogy, biblical timeline, overview of books, etc.


      Check it out! Hope you will be blessed!

  2. One Thing Alone from Asherita Ciuciu is another favorite of mine! Her 31 Days to a Deeper Bible Study is really wonderful.

  3. Great list! I didn’t know your Dad has a site, so I need to check it out. And I especially love Lysa’s resources, too. I’m reading her book Unglued right now! Xoxo

  4. Wow, I love this! And what an honor to see Arabah Joy on your list. Thank you for what you do and the difference you are making. I’m so thankful to see so many Jesus girls standing for Him.

  5. Wow I’m so glad I found this, as well as your blog! Some of these sites are familiar to me but others are new. Have you written more about your life in Croatia? I visited Bosnia when I was younger and drove through Croatia, such a beautiful part of the world. I’ve wondered if there were missionaries there! God bless you sister thanks for a great post 🙂

    1. Wow – what a small world! Where did you visit in Bosnia? I havne’t written a lot about my life in Croatia, perhaps I should some time. 🙂 There is a significant missionary community here in Croatia…I have enjoyed meeting many of them.

    1. I do keep up with them regularly as I am friends with these bloggers on Facebook, all except for Lysa TerKeurst whom I follow through her Facebook page.

  6. I really donot have time to study the bible, so i just want to be on your blog so has to be follow up

  7. I am also planning to start a Bible study blog from Genesis to Revelation i.e., chapter by chapter.pray for me !!! Need your tips on blogging.

  8. Thank you so much, Rosilind. I’m just beginning my journey to write Bible studies for woman. Thanks for helping me get connected to my sisters in Christ and fellow bloggers.

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