Multi-Grade Level St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be controversial for the faith- based community, which is understandable. St. Patrick’s Day is by and large a day that many celebrate simply by wearing green, drinking gross amounts alcohol, and becoming drunk. However, St. Patrick was a wonderful Christian, and it would be a shame for the Christian community to […]

Easter Tree Bible Study For Kids

Teaching our kids about Christmas has always been very memorable. We start decorating December 1, there are tons of cartoons about Jesus’ birth, the tree and lights and all the decorations…then there are the presents, which make Christmas super-memorable…. and then we get to Easter. Just like I don’t teach my children that Santa brings them […]

Easter Notebooking Pages – Free Printable

Easter is one of the world’s greatest holidays. For Christians, it is our greatest holiday. It is the holiday that is the very foundation of our faith. Jesus died – but He rose again on the 3rd day. Never in all of human history has someone raised themself from the dead. But that is exactly […]

Multi Grade Level Unit Study for Easter

Next to Christmas, Easter is the Christian’s greatest holiday. Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ is an important part of our year, and yet Christians are often times hard put to find Easter decorations depicting the empty tomb to make this holiday meaningful for family. What you’ll find in this article is a multi-grade unit […]

The Snowy Day Unit Study for MERLD Kids

I love Ezra Jack Keats’ books! Introduced The Snowy Day to my 1st grader to learn more about winter and snowflakes. Sadly, we have no snow yet…and probably wont get much, if any, this year. But my kids love snow. The Snowy Day Unit Study for MERLD Kids By the end of the two weeks […]

Free Valentine’s Day Notebooking Pages

One thing my kids love most is when we study the origins of holidays. Usually we take one week each holiday month and study the holiday. And one thing we most often discover is that the way we celebrate holidays doesn’t have to do with the actual event or person behind the holiday. Such is […]