Multi Grade Level Unit Study for Easter

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Girl decorating an Easter tree

Next to Christmas, Easter is the Christian’s greatest holiday.

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ is an important part of our year, and yet Christians are often times hard put to find Easter decorations depicting the empty tomb to make this holiday meaningful for family.

What you’ll find in this article is a multi-grade unit study through which your child can learn about

  • The history of Easter
  • Reinforce what Easter is really about
  • Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in many different ways while learning and gaining experiences that are so much more than just Easter egg hunts, celebrating Spring, and eating peeps.


Some families love to celebrate Easter by doing an Easter banner for family devotions.

Directions for a devotional and a pattern for the banner that accompanies the devotional can found in this book Family Celebrations: Meeting Christ in Your Holidays and Special Occasions by Ann Hibbard

The book is a fun tool if you like making traditions and celebrating holidays from a Christian perspective.

The Easter banner is such a wonderful tool because it goes all the way back into Genesis, to man’s original sin and shows the redemption of Jesus Christ all the way through scripture.

It is a two-week Bible program (if you do Bible 5 days a week) excluding Good Friday, Saturday and Resurrection Sunday (i.e. 13 day all total).

You read a portion of scripture, discuss it, and the kids get to put a felt circle depicting that portion of scripture on the banner.

However, if you do not want to have to buy the whole book for just one banner, here is something very similar by Heartfelt Truths (not as many days and not as in depth but also very meaningful) and you can order the banner and/or instructions to make it yourself online.


For younger children it might be fun to explore how several different countries celebrate Easter.

What they eat (try making some of their Easter foods)

What games they play

Add Geography to the mix, look at where those countries are on the map and learn what their flag looks like.

A great resource is Celebrating Easter Around The World

An excellent way to tie history into Easter for older children would be to study various ancient origins of spring or fertility celebrations and whether the Church accepted and adapted those practices in order to be accepted.

You can have your child put together a presentation for you. Here is a video and are a few articles on that subject to get you started:

Answers in Genesis – Easter

Britannica – Easter Holiday and Liturgical Observances

Wikipedia- The Easter Egg and Ostre

For geography they could learn the map of  modern day Israel, and what it’s climate is like. and/or look at ancient Rome and how it grew and then shrank again.


As always, math is a bit difficult to bring into a unit study.

But for a bit of fun, you might want to teach Roman numerals during this unit and remind your kids that the Roman Empire ruled during the life and death of Jesus Christ. 

You can either add it onto what you’re already doing or pause what you’re on right now and teach it exclusively.

Most math programs, from 1st or 2nd grade on up, teach Roman numerals at some point throughout the year.


Language or Grammar is another hard subject to adapt to a unit study.

However, you can use thematic sentences for whatever they are learning.

For example: Are they learning punctuation? Have them punctuate verses, poems, or hymns about Christ’s death and resurrection.


For Beginners you can make fun games similar to this Spin and Spell Easter Egg Game by Raising Dragons

Another spin on this Easter Egg Spelling Game for spellers of all ages is that you can put all of the letters of the word that they need to spell in the plastic egg and have them open the egg and put the letters in the proper order to spell the word.


Choose your favorite verses or songs about Jesus’ death and resurrection to practice penmanship.

Here is a free printable pack of Easter Notebooking pages that combine writing lines and boxes to do art notebooking.

Combining art notebooking is so helpful for children, especially children who have difficulty reading, writing, and comprehending.


One thing there is an abundance of is books for all ages on Easter. There are all kinds of Children’s Bibles and story books out there.

However, it may be important to mention a few special tools.

The Story of Easter – available in hardcover and on Kindle

This book can be listened to and read on YouTube. This is very useful for children with various reading/ learning disabilities.

God Gave Us Easter – Available as a boardbook, hard and soft cover, and on Kindle

It is also available on Youtube

For older students an excellent challenge might be to have them read the Easter account in all four Gospels before Easter and have them compare the four accounts.


There is so much we can do for science during an Easter unit because of the time of year in which it is celebrated.

With younger students it might be fun to talk about mommy animals and their babies

Here is an excellent resource for a study on life cycles from Kids Discover

With older students you could do a study on complete and incomplete metamorphosis, and watch a butterfly hatch from its cocoon in your home for $20-$30

Foreign language

If you wanted to add a bit of foreign language to your unit study, learning some Latin would be appropriate.

You can talk about the fact that the Romans who ruled the word during Jesus’ lifetime spoke Latin and nowadays if you want to study medicine or biology you need to know Latin, too.

Here is an excellent resource for that from A – Z Homeschooling


String Eggs… er… Empty Tombs

A fun art project to do that you can stretch over a few weeks is making an empty tomb decoration.

You can make a string egg (preferably from gray or brown string).

Let it dry, cut a hole out of one of the sides to make it an open tomb…

The kids can put a folded-up Kleenex in it or a small piece of paper that says, He is not here… or He is risen…

Making string eggs is a fun (albeit messy) art project…


These Empty Tomb Cookies by Women Living Well are something that can become a tradition for your family to do on the Saturday evening before Easter.

A huge plus is that by the time you are done baking these cookies, you’ve gone once more through the entire Easter story and this activity is loved by children of all ages. 

Here is a Resurrection Rolls recipe you can also do with your children.


If your child plays and instrument, finding and buying grade appropriate Easter music is easy.

You may even want them to pick out a favorite song to learn.

If you are simply doing a music appreciation program, here is a list of songs you might want to take a look at.

Each song has a link tells a little bit about the life of the author some of them even tell the story behind the song.

Christ Arose by Robert Lowry

The Old Rugged Cross By George Bennard:

Easter Song By Anne Herring (Second Chapter of Acts):

In Christ Alone:

It may be too much for you to do all of these activities during the Easter season, so picking and choosing what works for you and makes Easter a meaningful, spiritual time for your family is what is important.

Have fun and have a blessed Easter holiday!

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Grab these fun and colorful notebooking pages for Easter and make the Easter season meaningful and a new learning experience. #alittlerandr #easter #notebooking #noteboookingpages
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