10 Bible Verses to Fight Anxiety {Free Download}

Have you ever had a panic attack? Felt the room closing in.Your heart pounding wildly.Your throat closing up, like you can breathe. You couldn’t focus on anything else but the thing that was causing you to panic. A fear of such immense proportion that afterward you felt all wrung out for days, and half the […]

5 Bible Verses to Build Your Faith

No doubt about it, life is hard. In fact, there are times when we’re facing off with difficulties so massive that we fee like we’re being crushed under the weight of them. And they rarely seem to come alone. Sometimes we’re so tired of dragging ourselves back to our war room….again, that we just want […]

3 Reasons Why Every Christian Needs a War Room

Do you have a war room? Maybe it doesn’t look like Clara’s wall or Elizabeth’s closet. Maybe it’s a binder or journal, or maybe like me you make your whole house a war room. Maybe you haven’t created a war room yet. Today we’re going to discover why every Christian needs to have a war […]

5 Strategic Ways to Recreate Your War Room

My heart pounded as I stared at the rolling credits to War Room on my screen. My prayer life wasn’t bad….per se. It just wasn’t good. It wasn’t effective. It wasn’t bold enough to scare away a baby demon, much less one brandishing a weapon bent on taking out me and my family! The next […]

2 Easy Quiet Time Tools for Christmas

Somehow I think that the words “quiet time” and “Christmas” this year are going to be an oxymoron. Between my husband’s work shifts and my children’s school schedules, it’s already looking like this year is going to be crazy As I shared in my post 5 Ways Busy Moms Can Have a Meaningful Christmas, just […]

Scripture Memory Cards For Anxiety

Learn the art of Living Fearlessly in Jesus as you use the Free Printables included in this series. As a Christian woman, who no longer wants to live with fears, worries and anxiety, these verses will unlock the door that holds you captive. You will be encouraged to release your worries and anxieties and trust […]