20 War Room Journal Prompts for Revival

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Keeping a prayer journal not only helps you track your spiritual growth, it also helps you see how God answers prayer. Here are 20 war room journal prompts for revival.

I love keeping a prayer journal!

I have found that keeping a prayer journal not only helps me to track my own spiritual growth, it is also a visible reminder of how God has answered prayer in my life.

Sometimes, though, I sit down with my journal and a pen and don’t know what to write.

Sometimes there is so much on my heart I don’t know where to start, other times I am just blank.

Having journal prompts has helped give me that nudge I need to get started writing, and often that nudge is what inspires me to dig way down deep in my heart and mine out things I didn’t even know was there.

My word for 2018 is revival.

I have been doing a lot of research on the word revival. It means: gaining a renewed interest in something, restored power or vitality.

I don’t know about you, but this is exactly what I need this year!

That is why I have created these 20 War Room Journal Prompts for Revival.

Below you’ll find a link to purchase the printable version plus a new 30 Day Prayer Challenge for Revival.

20 War Room Journal Prompts for Revival

1. Write a prayer to God of your heart’s deepest desire.

2. Ask the Lord to reveal any bitterness or unforgiveness you may be holding in your heart. Write them down.

3. Write a declaration of who God is, His greatness and His power.

4. Write a declaration of the names of God. List as many as you can.

5. What areas in your life are in need of revival?

6. Write a prayer to God asking Him to revive these areas in your life?

7. Write out 3 verses that deal with these areas of your life in need of revival.

8. Write out a prayer from these verses – a declaration using God’s Word as your guide.

9. Are there any areas in your life where you have been disobedient or given the enemy a foothold? List them below.

10. Write out a prayer of repentance.

11. Write out a prayer of rededication.

12. Are there any areas of your life in which you feel under attack? List them below.

13. Below write out 3-4 verses on victory.

14. Write out a declaration of God’s power and victory in your life.

15. Write out 3-4 promises from Scripture – be sure to include the instruction or command that accompanies them.

16. Write out a prayer of declaration using these promises.

17. Write out a prayer of protection for you and your home.

18. Ask the Lord to give you 4 words that will serve as pillars for your home and then list them below.

19. Write a prayer to the Lord asking Him to cover your home with a canopy of His peace and joy.

20. Write out a prayer of declaration to serve as a banner of praise over your home.

Would you like a printable version of these 20 War Room Journal Prompts for Revival?

You can get this prayer prompt journal for Revival when you go here (or click on the image below)

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  1. How have you seen God move in your life since 2018? I’m curious because I know your prayers have big impact and I’m sure God has moved in your life since writing this blog post. Can’t wait to hear! I know it will be an encouragement for both of us!

    1. Yes, dear friend, I sure have seen God move in tremendous ways since 2018. I have shared much of it right here on my blog, as well as in my weekly emails. Thank you so much for asking!

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