My Top 5 Christian Fiction Authors

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Do you love to read?

Maybe you’re like me and you find that because of poor short-term memory, you can read the same book over and over and enjoy it as if you were reading it for the first time.

Some people may call this a deficiency.

I call it wonderful! I get to enjoy my “friends” many times over and not grow bored by them.

That is why I wanted to compile this Christian Fiction Lover’s Gift Guide because I wanted to share with you the “friends” I visit over and over.

A stack of Christian fiction books next to a cup of tea

There are several books that I have enjoyed reading multiple times over.

Some are books I’ve read since my early adult years, others are books I’ve discovered in marriage and motherhood, while others are newer books that quickly found themselves on my favorites list.

Here are my 5 favorite Christian fiction authors that I read over and over.

Christian Fiction Lover’s Gift Guide

Before I give you my list of favorite Christian fiction authors, I want to say a few words about Christian fiction.

I was very choosy about which authors made my list of favorite Christian authors because I am careful about what I fill my mind and spirit with.

The one thing that stands between an interesting book and a favorite author for me is the level of romance found in the book.

To be sure, there are authors on the list below that would classify as Christian romance authors, but when you read their books, the romance is very understated.

The characters in their books are dedicated to a high standard of purity.

And because of this high moral standard, I found other moral standards in their books to be equally high. So it is because of this that I am able to recommend them to you.

1. Jannette Oke

These books are old friends.

Literally. All. Of. Them.

I have every book Jannette Oke has ever written….in paperback on my shelves right here in Croatia. Yes, I considered Jannette Oke’s book worthy of heavy suitcases and hefty shipping costs.

I don’t imagine she needs much of an introduction.

She is arguably one of the greatest fiction authors of the 20th century, and her works have earned her a TV series: When Calls the Heart (though die-hard fans will argue that there are few parallels between the books and TV series beyond the names of the main characters)

And screenplays from her series Love Comes Softly

I love her books because of the character qualities portrayed and the wonderful lessons of diligence, forgiveness, and grace that she teaches through her memorable characters.

You will walk away feeling like they are real-life friends.

You will find Janette Oke’s vast collection of both fiction and devotional books here: Janette Oke

2. Erynn Mangum

It is not a random coincidence that I put Erynn Mangum second on my list.

It has only been the past few years that I discovered her books and I’ve read every single one of them at least twice. Plus I follow her on Facebook so that I find out right away when a new book is coming out.

Here is why I like Erynn Mangum so much:

  • Every book has a solid Christian message. She uses Scripture, but not just surface-y stuff to satisfy an audience. It is obvious that she has a message she wants to convey and fiction is her medium of choice.
  • Her characters are truly funny. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve buried my face in my pillow to keep from waking my family while tears run down my face from laughing so hard.

You’ll walk away from her books shaking your head at the craziness while meditating on the profound message she was able to pull out of just one verse of the Bible

You can find all of Erynn Mangum’s books here: Erynn Mangum | Follow her Blog and on Facebook and Instagram

3. Robert Whitlow

If you’re looking for more action in your fiction reading; if you are looking for a touch of mystery, suspense, and tension – you will definitely enjoy Robert Whitlow.

Robert Whitlow is a courtroom fiction author who brings current events and evangelical Christianity to his writing.

Without a doubt, his books are page-turners and don’t be surprised if you find yourself eagerly reading well past your bedtime, anxiously waiting to find out what happens next.

4 of his books have been made into screenplays: The List, The Trial, Jimmy, and Mountain Top.

This is not to say, of course, that the others on my list aren’t exciting – they are, each in their own way. But Robert Whitlow definitely brings an element of action…as well as a strong message of morality and the supernatural miracle-work of God in our everyday lives.

You can find Robert Whitlow’s collection of books here: Robert Whitlow

4. Meghan Carver

I have followed Meghan Carver‘s blog for several years now. I have always loved her authentic posts about her family and faith – and was excited when she came out with her first fiction novel Under Duress.

Borrowing from her background in law, she writes action-packed novels filled with danger that will keep you on the edge of your seat while you nervously turn page after page.

I can’t put her books down once I start.

Even her recent delve into Amish fiction includes the same action-packed danger you read in her earlier books.

What I like about Meghan’s writing, besides the suspense that keeps you turning pages long past your bedtime, is the solid foundation of biblical truth and the romance that is understated, innocent, and clean.

You can find all of Meghan’s books here. Follow her blog here, and find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

5. Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis is likely another that needs no introduction at all. She has taken the Amish Fiction genre by storm with her riveting books about Amish life.

But rather than elevate Amish life above modern life, she reminds us that we are all born needing a Savior and that our good works and human efforts for holy living aren’t enough to get us to heaven.

Only the blood of Jesus and the free grace of God can do that.

Her works have earned her screenplays that include her series The Shunning

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  1. Hello! I am an avid reader and always looking for books to read. Thanks for the list. I will be picking up their books for sure. I have read a few Julie Klassen books, they aren’t too bad. Take care!

  2. Rosilind, I’m not sure how I made this list, but I am humbled to be listed among such greats! Thank you! 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about wanting light romance. I look for that as well.

    I can’t figure out how it’s happened that I don’t know Robert Whitlow. Legal suspense? Yes, please! Have you read Randy Singer?

    1. Yes! I’ve read a lot of Randy Singer as well. I love his books as well. Definitely, you need to check out Robert Whitlow. You’ll love his stuff. Friend, you are a great writer and deserve your place here. I’m looking forward to your new book!

    1. Yes! I’ve read a few of her books. One in particular stands out – The Sin Eater. I still get chills when I reflect on the message of that book. She is an amazing author.

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