Dear Mommy – You Are Important

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I raised my voice as I repeated the same sentence for probably the 100th time that day, “Do not stand up on the back of couch!” Visions of busted heads and broken bones scrolled through my mind, along with doctor bills, casts and warnings from the pediatrician.

I am not a hysterical mother, but I do have my limits. And I had reached my limit!

Fact is, I reach it every. single. day.

Dear Mommy, I know motherhood is hard. Sometimes it's thankless and mundane. But your role is important and it's influence far reaching.

And I wonder about other moms sometimes.

This week I’ve wondered about Moses’ mom. We read about her in  Exodus 2 – just a short sentence or two about how she packed up her 3-month old child and put him in a basket to float down the Nile. I read that and my heart stood still. Not that I haven’t read and heard that story my whole entire life. It just took on new meaning now that I’m a mom, too.

She was ready to part with her infant to save his life.  Read on.

Then she got him back to nurse him until he was weaned. Most Bible scholars agree that she weaned him around 3-5 years. My kids are 3 & 5. I honestly can’t imagine parting with them and allowing them to be raised by someone else. I just can’t.

But that’s not all.

Her son was raised by the very people who had enslaved her people and ordered their baby boys to be killed. This had to have been a slap in the face.

What she achieved was laying in him a foundational knowledge of who he was. That foundation was so solid that at the expense of his own reputation, he defended his people and later returned to deliver them from Egypt.

I marvel at that fact. I really do.

What most mothers can’t accomplish in 18-21 years, she accomplished in 3-5.

But then I wonder. Did she really know what Moses would accomplish?  Did she know that that 2015 – nearly 5,000 years later – I would be writing this blog post about her son. I doubt it. I doubt she had any inkling that he would deliver her people from slavery.

Any more than Abraham Lincoln’s mother thought her son would deliver the African slaves from slavery. Any more than Martin Luther King’s mom knew that he would help abolish segregation. Any more than Martin Luther’s mom knew that he would usher in the Reformation that would change the spiritual climate of Europe. Any more than George Whitefield’s and Jonathan Edward’s moms knew that they would spark the Great Awakening that would forever change the spiritual condition of America. Anymore than the Apostles moms knew that they would raise up the Early Church that would change the known world, and continue to change all of history to today.

Do we know their names? What are the names of these amazing and powerful women?

We don’t know. History likely never recorded them. No books are written about them and – unlike their sons – no one ever really thinks about them.

But these men did not raise themselves.

Someone laid a foundation in their hearts – a hunger and thirst for righteousness and justice.

Dear mommy – your role is important. The mundane day-to-day task of child-rearing is the most important task you will ever accomplish. You don’t know what your children will do or where their destiny will take them. But the job you do today leaves a mark, that mark will become a foundation and that foundation will determine what house they build: a house that lasts or doesn’t. A life that gives glory to God or doesn’t. A life that brings others to Christ or doesn’t.

Stay faithful.

Stay present.

“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord”

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  1. Rosilind thank-you for the great reminder! I’m also doing Exodus study also but have never looked at it the way you did. Thank-you for your insight!
    PS I love your blog! I

  2. I love looking at the women mentioned in the Bible. I often think about how their name wasn’t mentioned and yet their role was so important. I hope my children do great things for the Lord.

  3. Yes! Raising our sons and daughters to be children of God is such a high calling! Who knows if our son might be the next Billy Graham or our daughter be the next Elizabeth Elliot. Thanks for linking up with the Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop!

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