Easter Advent – A Family Study for Easter

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If you are looking for a simple, but meaningful Easter study for your family, you’ve found it in this Easter Advent study!

I sometimes fear that our children know more about the true meaning of Christmas than they do about Easter.

We spend the entire month of December (and sometimes part of November) celebrating Christ’s birth, while giving Christ’s resurrection far less preparation and celebration.

That’s why I love this Advent study for Easter.

Easter Advent – A Family Study for Easter

Easter Advent is a week-long study, spanning Holy Week, written by Teach of Him.

Each day you read a short reading with your children.

After each lesson there are discussion questions to help your children grasp the meaning of each part of the Easter story.

There are also daily activities you can do with your kids that will help them to openly give praise to Jesus.

What I especially love about Easter Advent is the DIY Easter Egg Service activity – an extra special Easter gift to give to a family as a testimony of Jesus’ love for them.

Easter Advent is super flexible to use and easily adaptable for families of older or younger children.

You can use it as a part of your daily devotions, or even add notebooking or lapbooking; you can even use it as a part of a unit study.

Where you can get Easter Advent

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More Easter Content coming up!

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