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If you haven’t followed my blog for very long, you might not know that I am a missionary.

In 2004, I packed up all the life I could into a couple of suitcases and a bin I had shipped over, and moved from Portland, Oregon to Zagreb, Croatia.

When I first came in 2004, I faithfully wrote mission updates to those who were interested.

To be honest, those were some of my early “blogging” days before I knew blogging was a thing.

But, over time I felt I didn’t have much to say – as a matter of fact, I felt that each month I just repeated myself over and over….and over.

At that time, I was assisting in our church office as the administrator in English; I would translate sermons and communicate with our overseas supporters.

Other than that, I played keyboards for our worship band and later became our Sunday School coordinator.

There just wasn’t a whole lot of new things to talk about every month, so I stopped writing newsletters, and shared more on Facebook.

Fast-forward 15-ish years (give or take), and my family and I have discovered that we actually have a lot to say!

Our work is so much more diverse now and there is so much to share about our culture and this wonderful country.

Like how my husband is 2 years younger than me, but when he describes his growing up years, it’s like listening to my dad talk about his generation.

How we sometimes celebrate the same holidays….differently.

How Croatia is such a small country, but has 3 dialects, a widely diverse landscape, and rich, diverse culture.

Or how our children are now becoming more involved in the ministry of the church.

Oh – there’s so much to share!

I want to invite you to join this very special mailing list. 

This mailing list will be separate from my blog mailing list, as it will be specifically for sharing about our ministry here in Croatia. 

We are sending updates out bi-monthly.

We’ll share stories, updates, videos, pictures and more about our life here.

If you’d like to sign up to receive these updates, simply fill out the form below or use the QR code

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