Living from Glory to Glory

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We were not meant to live life with extreme ups and downs. God's design is that we live from glory to glory. Don't let that fire burn out!

I would like to think that I am not a person given to extreme emotional highs and lows.

I wish I were more like my mom, though. She’s pretty even keel. She doesn’t get overly excited, but neither is she given to times of depression.

Sure, she gets sad like the rest of us; and I know at one time she was in a depression – when she had walked through one of the deepest valleys a person can walk through.

But, alas – God created me with a touch of melancholy.

Oh – melancholies!

The “feelers” of society. And we’re created this way for a purpose. Our ups and downs give dimension to life – we take that 1 or 2 dimensional life and make it 3-D and living color!

Where most people are only loosely in touch with their emotions, we are acutely in touch with ours and then we take it to a whole new level where we even inspect them, investigate them…we swim into their depths and then paint a picture of them for everyone to see in the form of song, poetry, painting or writing.

The trick is, though, to not allow them too much freedom because when you give feelings an inch, they’ll take a country mile…or two.

I know – I’ve been there.


Emotions – they are a delicate balancing act because God created them and yet they when not corralled they can create a lot of trouble. Living life through the lens of  our emotions is like daily wearing glasses with cracked lenses. You’ll still see everything, but it will all be pretty distorted.

God’s Word tells us that since Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that gave us freedom to walk everyday in His presence, we should be living from glory to glory.

Not glory to depression… glory to defeat….to glory to despair….

That’s not His will.

Glory to glory. A life ever blossoming, ever expanding in kingdom influence, ever drawing closer to Jesus as His glory is ever more reflected in us.



In Leviticus 6, no less than five times in 13 verses, God commanded that the fire on the altar of sacrifice not burn out. He must have been pretty serious about this because He repeated the instruction over and over – the fire was to burn continually and not burn out.

Why was this so important?

The fire symbolized two things: worship and their need for atonement.

But what does this mean for us today?

Our lives are the sacrifice and our hearts are the altar. And the fire that God ignited in our hearts on the day of our salvation is to continually burn – never burn out. We need to live in daily worship and humility before Him. Our lives should reflect our honor of Him and our our awareness that without His blood we are destitute and destined for eternal destruction!


I know – I used to think that it is impossible to always live “up”. But I’ve realized that living “from glory to glory” doesn’t mean I don’t have days when I’m a little less happy than others.

But God isn’t so much concerned about our happy feelings as He is concerned about what we do when we don’t have them.

Living from glory to glory – keeping that fire burning – means that when I’m not feeling that glory happening inside, I still make the choice to get up, grab my Bible, spend time with Jesus, turn on that worship CD and sing along…

…and as I bring forth the sacrifice of praise on that altar where the fire of God continually burns, the emotions will eventually follow!

There are three ways to keep that fire burning, to keep your daily walk with Jesus going from glory to glory:

1. Daily devotion

2. Daily worship

3. Daily choosing to walk in joy


As I have begun to do these three things I have found that the natural ups and downs of my melancholy personality have evened out considerably. The down times are now viewed through a new lens as I take them before the throne of God in my daily worship and sacrifice to Him!

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  1. This post is so true. If we want to keep the fire burning, we have to keep the fire stoked up. And then we can live glory to glory no matter what we are going through. Thanks so much for sharing.

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