3 Reasons Why You Should Make Goals For the New Year

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I am one of those people that make resolutions all year long.

In fact, I tend to make some sort of resolution every single day – and then get frustrated when I blow it. But I am starting to change this pattern, and today I want to show you how I’m doing this and why.

For thousands of years, people have been making New Year’s resolutions.

And I am certain that for about as long, they have felt frustrated when only just a few short days or weeks later, they’ve blown it.

Layout of the New Year's Worksheet on a background of snowflakes

There is something so refreshing about a new year – with a fresh slate, a fresh start.

It just makes me want to sit down and start writing a list of all of the things I want to accomplish in that year – and this is a great practice!

One I highly recommend.

But if you aren’t careful about how you make your list, you could be doomed to failure before you ever get started.

The idea of resolutions seems so stringent – so final.

  • Lose 15 pounds
  • Get up earlier
  • Exercise regularly

And when you get up on March 1 and weigh yourself and realize that not only have you gained 10 pounds, but you’re fatigued and haven’t been to the gym in so long, you’re not even sure it’s still at the old location…

it’s very easy to throw up your hands and chalk off another year to failed resolutions.

But what if we approached this from a completely different perspective.

Even called it something different than New Year’s Resolutions?

3 Reasons Why You Should Make Goals For the New Year

I love the idea of a goal, rather than a resolution, because a goal allows me room to grow into the change I want to make.

It gives me room to stumble and even fail.

And here’s the beauty of a goal:

If I get to the end of the year and still haven’t reached my goal – but I see progress – I can continue my goal for next year, while feeling pleased because I have made progress.

I can look back and see that I’m not where I was – and that is something celebrate!

1. Goals help create steps of action.

By creating actionable steps to reach my goals, I am able to break down my giant goal into smaller goals that are easier to reach, thereby allowing myself to grow into that goal.

The ability to break my goal into steps of action gives me a sense of accomplishment each time I step closer to the destination.

2. Goals make the journey as important as the destination.

Take the illustration I’ve been using: weight loss. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for over 5 years now. Some may wonder why my journey has taken so long. I wasn’t obese when I started, I just had a lot of really bad habits. I haven’t rushed my weight loss on purpose because I realized that if I was going to make it stick this time, I would need to make new habits a way of life.

The journey to losing weight has been as important as my destination. Along the journey I’ve learned to stop and consider what I’m putting in my mouth before I munch down on it. I’ve learned that rest and sleep are essential and not to be taken lightly. I’ve also learned to value exercise, although I still don’t always enjoy it.

These are lessons I hadn’t learned the other two times I shed pounds in record fashion.

3. Goals help us to redefine the outcome

Just because you make a goal in 2019 to lose 15 pounds, doesn’t mean that by April you can’t erase that goal and redefine it.

As you grow and learn, you may realize that your goal to lose 15 pounds was short-sighted, and what you’re really wanting is to become more healthy.

Because a healthy body will result in healthy weight.

I have found this to be true for myself many times; as I would sit down and map out my goals for the upcoming year, and realize halfway through the year that what I really want for my goal is much deeper than I originally thought, because over the months I’ve grown.

Grab this New Year’s Goals Worksheet

Now, I’ve gone and make this super easy for you!

I created this very simple, easy-to-use, worksheet that walks you through the process of setting and reaching your New Year’s goals.

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Layout of the New Year's Worksheet on a background of snowflakes
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