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I’ll never forget the moment of breakthrough for me when I realized that there was nothing I could ever do….

no sacrifice I could ever make…

no perfect record I could ever keep…

that would make Jesus love me more than He does right now.

Layout of the My Identity in Christ Workbook

For too many years, I was afraid to embrace that truth because I was afraid it would make me slide right in to “greasy grace”.

But then it came to me:

If I really love Jesus with all my heart, I won’t want to do things that hurt His heart.

I will want to do the things that please Him.

The breakthrough for me came as I was meditating on who Scripture says I am in Christ.

I was frustrated and tired….and disillusioned and disappointed.

I had tried so hard to live up to what I thought a good Christian should be.

But I never made it.

I couldn’t seem to tick all the boxes.

I would wake up each morning determined to do all the things I know I should do…

and would go to bed at night feeling defeated and like a failure.

I had messed up once again.

I didn’t really know who I was.

I identified with my own ability to muscle through and be the Christian boss babe.

I needed a new identity!

Meditating on Scripture began to change my thinking patterns. My mind began to be renewed and I realized:

I’m not the product of my own perfect checklists.

Neither am I the product of my continual failures.

I’m a new creation in Jesus Christ with a whole new identity, culture, citizenship, name, and family!

As my identity shifted, so did my behavior.

It was so much easier to do the things I knew I should do when my motivation wasn’t to earn God’s favor but to live in a way that brings Him pleasure.

Do you identify with my story in some way?

I would like to offer you a free downloadable workbook to begin meditating on what Scripture says about your identity in Christ.

It is simple and powerful to use.

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