Prayer and Meditation Journal – The Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues

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Prayer and Meditation Journal - Holy Spirit

One of the things I find most helpful in studying the Bible is taking a verse at a time and then looking at each word.

After I’ve looked at the verse word-by-word, I start asking myself key questions about who wrote it, to whom was it written, how it applies today…

And then finally, I ask how it can apply to me. Right now. In my life, in my situation.

I have dozens of notebooks and stacks of paper where I’ve gone through verses on topics and through large passages, even whole books of the Bible, like this.

Today I’m offering my first-ever journal that takes you through some of my process.

It is very simple and easy to use.

I created this first journal to go along with what I’m sharing on the blog right now about the Holy Spirit; using the verses in this free download: 10 Bible Verses on the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues.

I am planning to make more journals like this; so be looking for more of these in the months to come.

This journal is 43 pages of scripture writing, journal prompts, and prayer prompts.

To get your copy, click here right now or click the image above.

Prayer and Meditation Journal - Holy Spirit

Resources for Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Prayer and Meditation Journal - Holy Spirit
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