The Easiest Pie Crust Hack Ever!

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Don’t buy another pre-made pie crust!

Impress your friends and family with your pie crust skills with little effort and literally no cleanup!

Use this amazing pie crust hack to impress your guests with a perfect pie crusts every time!!

Several years ago, my mom showed me her genius method for making pie crusts. Up to that time, I only made pies at Thanksgiving, and even then I hated making them. Not only did the whole idea of making a pie crust intimidate me, it was messy and they always turned out tough.

With just one pie-making lesson my whole attitude about pie crusts changed!

Now my pies turned out flaky and lovely!  Oh – and perfect every, single time! I was no longer intimidated…I was actually excited to show off my amazing pie crust skills!!

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In this video, my mom shows you her recipe and how she makes her pies with little effort and no clean up! She shows you how to roll out the dough and effortlessly place the dough in the pie plate with no ripping or tearing.

I know you’ll want to watch this amazing video and then give it a try yourself.

And like me, you’ll be excited this Thanksgiving to show off your pie-crust skills….and brag that the crust is actually home made!!

Don’t let pie crusts intimidate you any longer. Watch this video and then roll up your sleeves, don your pretty apron, and try it out!!

This is the easiest way to get perfect pie crusts every time!

Wanda Hackett has been leading children’s ministries for over 40 years in churches throughout the States and Canada. She has a strong passion to see children experience Jesus Christ on their level – in a very living and relevant way. She has written numerous Children’s church curricula, some of which has been translated into Croatian! She has 3 children – who are all in full-time ministry – and 9 grandchildren.

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  1. I’ve tried many pie crust recipes looking for just the right one. Little did I know it ws only my method that needed to be changed. It was timely too. I start making pies next week.This is marvelous! Thank you for sharing with Imparting Grace.

    1. Isn’t that amazing??? The method completely revolutionized my pie crust making skills (which is saying a lot, because I’d avoid pie crusts any time I could! LOL!)

  2. Prefer the flavour of butter to shortening in a pie crust. To be a little more environmentally conscious, be aware that flour washes away easily with cold water. I use a large scraper (as in small tool for drywall) to get moist bits off. It does not harm most surfaces, at least not the ones in my kitchen, if kept flat.

  3. I’ve always been intimidated by pie crusts. Kind of like sewing and zippers. I’ll check out your mom’s video. Thanks. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

  4. Great method & great video. I watched repeatedly in order to get all the details. I never was able to understand what your mom was demonstrating right after she crimped the edge of crust, when she was spreading her fingers.
    I think it would be helpful if the pie was within view without her having to lift it up to the camera. In other words have the camera pointed at her hands & the crust so her technique can be visualized better. I can’t wait to try this!! Thanks for sharing.

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