Walk Free – A Study Through the Book of Galatians

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Do you struggle to understand what freedom in Christ really means?

As women, most of us battle the mental image we have been fed for decades: the trim, energetic mom of two kids with a great husband and prestigious career who volunteers her time at various charities and is very involved in her church, all the while being a great neighbor and friend.

I battled this image for a very long time.

Do you know what I found?

It’s not real.

Walk Free - A Study Through the Book of Galatians

There is a fine line between living holy lives because we love God and genuinely want to God to be glorified, and trying to live up to a certain standard so that God will accept us and love us.

The motivation for the former is genuine love for God

The motivation for the latter is a love for ourselves

But it’s even more than that!

If our motive for living a holy life comes from anything other source than a genuine love of God and a desire to see Him glorified, then we are in grave spiritual danger!

Paul was distressed at the church in Galatia because they had perverted the gospel of Jesus Christ by imposing laws and regulations as precursors to salvation.

While they acknowledged that faith in Jesus  Christ was necessary, they also felt it was inadequate for complete salvation.

In the early spring of 2017, I began reading and studying the book of Galatians, and what arose from my personal study was a whole new freedom that I’d never known before.

While I taught about freedom in Christ, deep inside I still lived my life from a place of trying to earn God’s favor by being good enough.

And a dark cloud hung over me that continued to declare that I wasn’t.

But by the time I turned the final page in the book of Galatians, it finally hit home with me that being good enough isn’t up to me. Jesus’ blood was already enough, and it was up to me now to just live to glorify Him through my life.

What freedom!

Walk Free – A Study Through the Book of Galatians

Walk Free – A Study Through the Book of Galatians is a self-paced Bible study that helps you dig deeper into the book of Galatians to understand what Paul was saying about the true freedom of a believer.

In this study you will learn what Christian freedom really is

How to walk in freedom without it leading to carnality

What legalism really is, and how detrimental it is to our walk in Christ

This workbook includes:

  • Written text for each chapter
  • Study questions after each chapter
  • 30 Day prayer challenge that will help you pray through the entire book of Galatians

Get Walk Free – A Study Through the Book of Galatians Here

Walk Free - A Study Through the Book of Galatians
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