5 Keys to Contentment – Treasure Today

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This is a six-part series based on this list by Ella Spees as found in the book by Linda Dillow: “Lord Calm My Anxious Heart.”

Its a Journey

We’ve been looking at the 5 Keys to Contentment by Ella Speers because everyone wishes to find contentment in life!
Today we’re wrapping up with:
Never dwell on tomorrow – remember that tomorrow is God’s, not ours.

Oh, how I have failed here!!!
When I was little I wanted to be a teenager
As a teenager I wanted to be married

I spent my 20’s and early thirties still wishing to be married
then I got married and wanted to be a mommy
I became an mommy and couldn’t wait for the first laugh, the first crawl, the first step, the first word
And then I wanted to be a mommy again
And now I can’t wait for the pregnancy to be over.
When we’re kids we can’t wait for our birthday and Christmas
When in school we can’t wait for spring break, winter break, summer break…and during summer break we get bored and can’t wait for school to start again.
We’re always looking and waiting for something…
…but rarely do we live in the moment, enjoy this second, this minute, this day – this moment.
Surely, we need to plan ahead, we must be wise and prepare for the future
But do we live  in the future?
It is as dangerous as living in the past!
So, today, I am enjoying every little kick, squiggle – and yes, contraction.  They all signify life – life that will soon appear and join our family.  I am putting behind me all wishes and dwelling on the future.  The future will be today soon enough….and then it will be yesterday.  But if I let today become yesterday without enjoying it and treasuring it first, then I am wasting the gift of “today” that God has graciously handed me!!!

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