5 Keys to Contentment – Wishful Thinking

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This is a six-part series based on this list by Ella Spees as found in the book by Linda Dillow: “Lord Calm My Anxious Heart.”

Its a Journey

We’ve been looking at this list by Ella Speers, the 5 Keys to Contentment in a search to find true contentment in life.
Today we’re looking at: 

Never allow yourself to wish this or that had been otherwise.

What is there to say about this statement?  We are all guilty of looking back in our lives and wishing

We’d had been born in a different era
In a different city, state or country
Wish we had made different choices

Wish we had said something differently
Wish we had reacted better
Wish someone else had reacted better toward us
Wish that our husbands were more like what we’ve envisioned they should be
Wish that our children were more calm and compliant
Oh – we have so many wishes in life, and if granted a handful of wishes we would quickly change so many things!
And yet, what if we would accept the past for what it is – the past, learn from it, take those lessons and pass them on to others, and then make a testimony out of them?  
Contentment is such a hard thing to cultivate, isn’t it?  And I am no better than the next person.  So many times this week I wished that this pregnancy was over with, that I didn’t have this back pain, that I could sleep better…that I had more energy to give to my family.  But, these are things that I cannot change right now.  And I know it will pass. So today I am going to accept what I have been given for right now, not wish anything would be different.
I challenge myself t choose  to be content
And to not allow, not permit myself to wish my present circumstance were different than it is.
To change what I can  and accept what I cannot.
I want to be content!

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  1. Contentment is a choice. Sometimes our desire are godly or noble. Yet, they are also not always fulfilled. So we have to be content also if God is saying no to those things as well. I think that is so much harder than many other things. At least, that is what I am struggling with now in the way of contentment.

  2. Me too…me too. It is much harder than we imagine – because it’s those little moments of unhappiness that rob us of contentment. And those little moments can ruin so much, can’t they?

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