You’ve Never Heard David and Goliath Like This

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The danger we run into as Christians when we read familiar stories of the Bible, like David and Goliath, Jonah and the Whale, Jericho, the men in the fiery furnace, is that we approach those stories much like Goldilocks and the Three Bears….

like a fairy tale, rather than a true story that actually happened in history.

David and Goliath is as much as true story as Napoleon’s battles, the War of Independence, or the French Revolution. It was a real battle that really happened and a real victory was won.

David and Goliath is not a fairy tale. The story is as real as any other event in history, and has practical, relevant application to the church today. Will you cower on the hill or will you be a David?

As I opened my Bible today to 1 Samuel 17, I was tempted to skim the story and move on.

But I knew deep inside that God’s Word is living, powerful, and able to speak a new word, even through a story I’ve heard for over 40 years and am as familiar with as I am my own face in the mirror.

The thought came to me: How does this story relate to today?

Who is David today?

Who is Goliath today?

Who is King Saul and the army of Israel today?

And suddenly, the story took on a whole new meaning!!

We find the army of Israel encamped on one hill and the army of the Philistines encamped on another. The Philistine army sent out Goliath, a 9-foot giant of a man, to get things going. There he stood yelling out insults to both the nation of Israel and Almighty God.

How did the army of Israel react?

They cower on the hill.

Their nation and their God was the butt of the Philistines’ jokes and rather than standing up for righteousness, they cower in the face of evil!

The David enters the scene.

This young man who technically wasn’t old enough to go to battle, brings food to his brothers. While on the battlefield he hears Goliath’s insults and is filled with righteous anger.

Anger in and of itself is not a sin.

There are times when we should be angry.

We should be angry when we hear of the millions of babies murdered each day before they have a chance to draw their first breath.

We should be angry when we hear of Christians being murdered for their faith.

We should be angry when we hear about children being molested and women being raped.

The question is: What does that anger motivate us to do? If it motivates us to sin with our tongue or with our actions, if it leads us to bitterness and resentment, then it is a sinful anger.

However, if that anger motivates us to pray, to take a righteous stand, and to combat evil, then it is a righteous anger!

While the army of Israel is cowering in fear, David is filled with a righteous anger that motivates him to do what his weak king and fearful army refuse to do.

Stand up and fight this bully that daily insults his nation and his God!

And God rewards his faith.

1. Who is King Saul and the army of Israel today?

King Saul is every Christian leader and every pastor today who has grown complacent, apathetic, and cold.

This is every believer who has become bloated with too much entertainment and too little time on their needs. This is every person who calls themselves by the name of Christ and yet is too afraid to stand up and speak out for what they truly believe, so they sit in the darkened cinema and chuckle in embarrassment at the sexual jokes.

This is every Christian who is afraid to take a step of faith and refuses to stand up against the ungodly school system educating their children in anti-Christ doctrines.

This is the Christian who believes that all religions lead to god and that no one religion is above another.

This is the believer who refuses to take a stand for morality and shout from the hills that fornication is a serious sin with consequences that go far beyond STDs, unwanted pregnancies and hurt feelings…but that it is a sin against the spirit….

that fornication, immorality, adultery of the mind and body are not mistakes, but they are willful sin and rebellion against God and His Word!

And anyone who will not take a stand in this day and age against media, against our education system, and against any and all worldly philosophy that daily hurl insults against God and His people are King Saul and the army of Israel.

2. Who is Goliath today?

Goliath was a giant. And he had 4 other brothers who were also giants. Together they were formidable and the Philistines knew it.

They were banking on the fact that they were too big to topple.

And they were almost right!

There stood Goliath successfully intimidating an army that had the most formidable weapon in all of the Universe, in all of history – Almighty God and His supernatural power!

And we have such a giant in our land.

The media: Hollywood, the music industry, the news media, the education system….all giants in our land that tell us what to think, tell us how to live, define our morals, and shape our world view.

The amount of time Christians spend taking in media is mind-boggling, and most have no filter. They will watch an R-rated movie filled with over 50 F-words, full nudity, and depictions of sexual intercourse as quickly as they will sit down and watch a Disney movie with an overt politically-correct message.

And if we think that the media and our education system do not have an agenda to reeducate and reshape our world view so that God and His Word no longer factor into our lives, we are in serious delusion.

That is exactly their agenda. Point #1!

And they’re banking on the fact that they are too powerful, too big, too rich, and too popular to topple.

They are banking on the fact that their loud voice will intimidate us into silence and inaction.

And thus far, they’ve been right!

But the Philistine army didn’t count on David. They didn’t see him coming. And when he appeared before Goliath, they foolishly thought that they could squash him like a bug.

But David knew he had a weapon of mass destruction….

3. Who is David today?

Every Christian, every blogger, every speaker, and every pastor who will allow their hearts to be filled with righteous anger at the strategy of the enemy to destroy this generation of godly warriors.

We need men and women filled with holy boldness and righteous anger who wont allow their age and ability to hold them back from going to battle against the giant that daily hurls insults against God and His people!

We need men and women who refuse to be encumbered with the bulky armor of seeker sensitivity, church programs, and philosophical platitudes from the pulpit, but will go out in the boldness of God armed with just His Word, the armor of God, and the power of prayer in faith that it is God who goes before them to defeat the giant in the land!

We have a weapon of mass destruction right in our hands and in our hearts:

God’s Word and the power of Holy Spirit.

No one can stand before God and His Word!! Every knee must bow….

and every giant must fall!

The question is this: will you cower on the hill or will you stand before the giant.


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  1. WOW!!!! What a powerful message. All Christians need to read this every day, because it seems sometimes that every day we have some kind of giant to face. We need to remember inside of us resides the giant slayer, and nothing is more powerful than Him. God bless you and keep up the good work

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