Why the Pro-Life Message Is Muddied

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7 days after the Women’s March on January 21, 2017 there was a second march on Washington – the annual Pro-Life March.

During those 7 days I witnessed three groups of women:

1. Women who were protesting their right to have an abortion and do with their body what they want

2. Women who were protesting President Trump, but who are pro-life and thus didn’t feel comfortable attending the January 21 march

3. Women who are passionately pro-life.

Thousands of Christians march for pro-life every year, but the message they send out is muddied. And here is the reason why.

The aftermath of both marches has led to a lot of discussion that I feel has muddied the pro-life message.

One point in particular somehow didn’t sit right with me and for days I’ve pondered why.

Now I know why. And that is why I am writing this article.

I would like to start off by saying that this article in no way is meant to judge any of the the three groups of women. This article, is, however meant to tackle a difficult topic and hopefully shine a different light on our discussion of life, abortion, and adoption.

And I feel this is important, because no matter how you feel about abortion, the cold, hard facts are that millions of women suffer deep psychological wounds stemming from a decision they made to end their pregnancy.

The point made that left me feeling off was this:

Pro-lifers are not truly pro-life if they are not willing to step up to the plate and adopt all of the thousands of babies that will be born to the women who would have otherwise aborted them.

In the end, I have concluded that the argument made here is as effective as trying to put a band-aid on an amputation.

While intentions may be sincere, the method to heal the wound is too simplistic.

There is a much deeper issue, a deeper problem in society that must be resolved, and when it is the argument will be null and void.

And the resolution to the problem must start inside the four walls of the church.

What is the deeper problem?

The church is no longer the standard bearer for morality in society. There used to be a time when the church set the standard of morality, which was based on God’s Word.

There was a time when it was simply unacceptable that couple would engage in intimacy before marriage.

Now, however, the church is not the standard bearer, but Hollywood. And the church is not only content to let Hollywood set the standard for morality immorality, it, for the most part, has bought into their doctrine.

Even in the church it is odd to find a 20-something who has saved themselves for marriage.

Most youth group and singles’ group leaders admit that immorality is out of control in their churches. Some pastors have even given in to the narrative that it is impossible to reign in your hormones and resist the temptation to engage in intimacy.

And my question is this:

If the church refuses to be the standard bearer for morality in society…

If we choose to watch the same movies filled with nudity and sex
If we choose to laugh at the same jokes
If we choose to use the same innuendos
If we choose to call the same actors and actresses “sexy”
If we choose to entertain ourselves with the same movies that mock the Bible, mock abstinence, and mock Jesus Christ

If we choose to walk in the way of the wicked
Stand in the path of sinners
Sit in the seat of the scornful

Then what is our platform really all about?

Sin always muddies the message.

Our light has gone out and we shouldn’t wonder why the world chooses to use abortion as another method of contraception.

Then we should wonder who is going to adopt all of those babies born to women walking in darkness…..that great, great darkness….all because the light that was once within us has become darkness!

But, if we will be honest with ourselves for one blessed, holy moment we will know that there are not enough pro-life families on planet earth to contain the flow of babies born to women who would otherwise be ready to terminate their pregnancies.

So there must be another way.

There has to be another way.

And it’s not education…because our society has educated itself into ignorance.

It has to be a holy cry of revival in the church. It has to be a church that falls on its face in repentance because it has failed to see how its tolerance of immorality has deeply offended a holy God.

It has to be wailing at the altar of sorrow for light that was extinguished decades ago without any notice at all.

It has to be a cry for the consuming fire of God to incinerate the philosophy of the world.

And then there must be dedication!

Once sanctified again, the church must dedicate itself….not to educating, not to philosophical platitudes, not to self-help seminars….

But to winning the lost!

She must lay aside her fear of “proselytizing” and become obedient to Christ’s command!

This….this is the only way abolishing abortion will ever work in our nation.

When men and women full of the Holy Spirit and power once again become the standard bearers for morality in our society, fornication will not be the norm!

And as we begin shifting the narrative on morality in our society, society will once again begin to view life as sacred….

All life!

Life conceived unplanned
Life conceived through rape
Life conceived that has unique needs
Life that has run its race and still has a few miles to go
Life that has received a terminal diagnosis

That message will ring out crystal clear when it is not muddied by our own tolerance and immorality of sin.

Read how one woman’s abortion turned into a ministry.

This girl chose abortion, a choice she immediately regretted. After years of emotional battle because of her choice, she turned her sorrow into a ministry.

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  1. This is an excellent post. You are 1000% correct in all you wrote. I see it this way: we like to talk the talk but we really are not walking the walk. We need to get on our knees and repent and get out there and spread the good news. Thank you for the honesty and I pray we all heed the call.

  2. I am in my 6th decade of life. Over the years, I have heard many pro-Life speeches and read many articles on the subject. I don’t believe that I have ever heard it put so honestly and succinctly. Thank you for this post ! May God bless you my friend !

  3. Thank you for your keen insight on the stand of the Church today. We must be a clear beacon of light and I, for one, must ask God’s forgiveness for participating in some of those “muddy” choices. I appreciate your frankness and applaud your stand.

  4. Amen! I think another point is how we as a church support the research on aborted fetal cells. If there was no money in it, planned parenthood wouldn’t push so hard. But seriously, if we stood up for life….really stood up for life….we would live differently. No comments to the mom with more than two kids….adopting babies….teach abstinence….

    1. I agree. Some are saying that this upcoming generation is more opposed to abortion than it’s predecessors because of the visual information that is available to them. Because they are impacted by the visual data (videos, pictures, testimonials, etc), they are less likely to choose abortion. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I hope it is. We do need to be more vocal about truth, both biblical and scientific truth.

  5. 1. Women die from pregnancy and childbirth, and any so-called “pro life” arguement should take that into account.
    2. Cancer cells are just as alive as fetuses, why not get the church to stand up against all the oncologists murdering innocent lives every day?

    1. Modern medicine has come so far that the risk of women dying in childbirth is really quite minimal. I have better odds at dying while driving my car than giving birth. But what truly astounds me in your comment is how you equate cancer cells to babies. There is no comparison, and to list all of the ways the two examples are opposed to one another would take me all day (but, perhaps, good material for another blog post). It truly makes me sad that you have such a cynical view of human life. I am praying for you.

  6. I absolutely love your article. I would think the only thing that would need to be rehashed is the statement: “And the resolution to the problem must start inside the four walls of the church.” As I agree, a lot of churches have left the Bible teachings to support the nonsense of hollywood (left uncapped on purpose); I believe the resolution to the problem must start inside the four walls of the HOME and then be reiterated by the Church, Church leaders and Church Family. There is a lot of common sense in the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. However, to raise a child with a moral compass, wisdom, and accountability, it takes Jesus Christ working through BELIEVING PARENTS.
    Oh! There is so much more I would love to comment on, but I truly do love your article. I think it really addresses some very important issues. Adoption being the most needed currently. If only government would put as many tax dollars into Adoption instead of abortion and make the process easier; maybe, we wouldn’t see SO MANY horrific stories on the news. They truly break my heart. I get sick to my stomach reading some of the heinous and criminal acts being committed toward children. In some states, there are tougher laws for animals than there are for OUR Children. The devil is at work and this is a religious war … make no mistake.
    Thank you for your article. ?

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