Join Me in Studying Psalm 1

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There is no lack of advertisements today about how to be happy and successful in life.

Usually these advertisements are filled with promises that you can set your own hours – just a few hours a week, go on fancy cruises, drive luxury cars, and are usually accompanied by a tanned couple wearing RayBans standing in front of a big yacht (that they presumably bought while working at home for only a few hours a week).

I think we all know that these ads filled with empty promises.

But not only that, I think we’ve had enough of an inside view into celebrity life to know that very often success doen’t equal happiness.

In fact, I’d venture to say that success rarely equals happiness.

Success by society’s standards most often demands us to work a lot more than a few hours a week. In fact, it usually requires us to work more than the minimum of a 40-hour week – at the expense of family, friends, and even church.

If we’re willing to put in the time and sweat equity, we will have success.

But will we have happiness? Will we have fulfillment?

So far that’s not what’s been proven. Tycoons and socialites are some of the most unhappy and unfulfilled people on earth. They have everything: money, fame, position, and power; and yet they have a long string of broken marriages and broken relationships behind them.

Celebrities are notoriously unhappy and so often substance abuse addicts.

So, how do you achieve both success and happiness?

Well, Psalm 1 tells us how.

Join Me in Studying Psalm 1

This study will be a very quick study – just one week. But it will change your life.

I can guarantee if you will do what the Word says, the promises that are offered you will be evident in your life – because that’s our God!

Psalm 1 Bible Study Details:

We will start on May 17, 2021

Where: You can find my private Facebook Group here: Good Morning Girls in the Word

I also have Good Morning Girls’ groups on Mewe, Gracebook, and Gab

What Do I Need? All you need is a Bible and the free SOAP workbook found in the Good Morning Girls in the Word group you’ve joined.

On Wednesday, I’ll be blogging here about what I’ve learned from reading and studying Psalm 1.

This study is very simple, but powerful. I pray you’ll join us and bring a friend along, too!

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