How Do I Have Quiet Time as a Mom or Grandma of Small Children? Episode #29

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This is a question I get a lot in my email and social media.

It’s hard having a consistent quiet time when our kids are small, because you never know when you’ll be interrupted, and when you’ll be able to get back to your quiet time.

If ever.

How Do I Have Quiet Time as a Mom or Grandma of Small Children

What’s worse, the enemy takes advantage of this and brings condemnation, because we’re not engaging with God like we used to, and we don’t often have a block of time in the day to sit and read and pray.

So how do we do quiet time when we’re a mom or grandma with small children around?

That is what I talk about in today’s podcast.

My prayer is that this one will give you tools, but also release your heart from any condemnation the enemy might be piling on you right now in this phase of life.

(You can view the video version of this on Rumble )

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