My Version of The Singing Canary

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jar filled with Singing Canary drink and a blue bendable straw

I have hit the wall of desperation many times over the past 15 years..

A level of fatigue hits my body that is literally indescribable; enough that even the simplest chore seems insurmountable. This is further compounded by light sleep or insomnia, so that my weary body simply doesn’t get the rest it needs.

And to top off this vicious cycle is the realization that even one small unexpected task can literally send me reeling over the edge.

This is why I am so grateful I have found this recipe for The Singing Canary!

Adrenal Fatigue

It is a term that simply means that your adrenal glands that make the hormone cortisol are depleted of said hormone. Cortisol is the “stress hormone”. Together with adrenaline, cortisol helps to determine how you react to stress.

Adrenaline gives that burst of energy you need in emergency situations. We all know it as the “fight or flight hormone”.

Cortisol is the sustaining hormone that helps your body maintain that energy in long-term stressful situations.

Without cortisol, you may get that burst of energy, but no way to maintain it. You get the flame, but no fuel to keep it going.

The problem occurs when your body releases these hormones into your blood stream on a daily basis. Over time, your adrenal glands are exhausted and you begin to experience any number of symptoms: including fatigue, depression, irritability, chronic pain, arthritis, weight gain, lack of concentration, insomnia, digestive problems – just to name a few.

In one of those times of desperation, a friend told me about this drink that assists with Adrenal Fatigue.

Now, I must take a moment to stress that no one thing will help you overcome Adrenal Fatigue. I’ve learned this lesson well. There is no vitamin, food, drink, diet or even sleep – standing alone – that will help you overcome. You must combine the elements of a healthy, destressed lifestyle to assist your adrenal glands to create a necessary supply of cortisol enough for your body to function from day to day.

I’ll be sharing more about that at another time.

Each part plays a role and every role should be present!

One role present in my life is my version of The Singing Canary – the original recipe can be found at The Trim Healthy Mama.

You’ll want to click on that link up there, because she goes into great detail about how every ingredient works to promote healthy adrenal function and combat fatigue.

There are a few ingredients I leave out of my own drink:

I don’t use protein powder, first of all because its expensive where I live and second of all because I get a sufficient amount of protein every day.

I don’t use coconut oil because, again, it is quite expensive where I live and I take additional Omega 3 and use olive oil and butter liberally. I get more than enough healthy fats every day (just track me on My Fitness Pal and you’ll see that my fats are usually way over my goal. I don’t pay attention to that, it doesn’t bother me, because I use 99% healthy fats)

I don’t use any sweetener because I like my drink sour. *grin*

Okay – here we go.

2 lemons. Peel only the yellow part and leave the white part

1 Vitamin C alka-seltzer tablet

3+ cups of water

1 t Turmeric powder

a few shakes of sea salt

a splash of vanila

For instructions on how to make the drink, go here. It is super-easy to make and delicious. I usually make this 2-3 times a week and drink it in addition to my other vitamin drink that includes a multi-vitamin, calcium and magnesium alka-seltzer tablets.

I will say that in combination with everything else I am doing, this truly does help to give me energy throughout the day. Plus, it helps to keep me from feeling hungry.

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My Version of the Singing Canary

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  1. I love this drink. I was a little scared of it at first, but now I wonder what took me so long to try it. My husband and children love it too – sadly for me, because I would rather not share it. 🙂 I make it 4-5 times a week. I fight adrenal fatigue. I’m so glad there’s something this delicious that can help me.

    1. It took me trying it to be sold…but I love it!! It helps not to sweeten it, because my kids find it too sour. hahahaha!! WE have to have our tricks, right?

  2. There’s another smoothie I’ll add to combat adrenal fatigue, thanks for sharing it. I haven’t tried but will do this coming weekend, that’s the only time that I can prepare. I hope that this won’t trigger my fatigue but since it is easy to prepare, I can do it probably 90%. I like the idea of not putting any sweetener since I am not fond of sweets too.

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