What To Do When Someone Wont Listen To the Gospel

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Have you ever experienced this, where you’ve shared the gospel with someone and they brushed you off?

They made fun of you
They kindly said that it wasn’t for them
They said they’d think about it later

What do you do?

When someone wont listen to the gospel, we often feel like we've failed. Here is how we should respond instead and a printable prayer card.

When you’ve shared your faith with someone and they refuse to listen, it can be extremely uncomfortable and disappointing.

But your response in that situation may determine whether or not there will an open door at a later time.

I believe that every believer bears a grave responsibility to share the gospel with as many people as they can in their lifetime…

but the response of the listener isn’t our responsibility, it’s God’s.

To be sure, there are methods often used that turn off people to the gospel and close a potentially widely open door, but ultimately, someone’s decision to receive or reject Christ isn’t our responsibility.

If you have shared the gospel with someone, and they rejected you, understand that you did not fail.

Successfully sharing the gospel isn’t dependent on “the sale”.

In fact, we are not “selling” something at all. The gospel isn’t a product that someone may find useful in their life. The gospel is far more serious than that and it is God’s desire that everyone receive Him…

because rejection of Him ends badly. Very badly!

So, what should our response be when someone wont listen to the gospel?

The answer is simple:


In fact, prayer should sandwich sharing the gospel.

We should always earnestly pray before and after we’ve shared the gospel with someone, regardless of the outcome; but especially when someone wont listen.

When someone rejects the gospel, their heart is hard and the enemy is preventing them from hearing the truth that will set them free.

And this is a great battle!

The battle for someone’s soul is a spiritual battle between heaven and hell….

a battle to plunder hell and populate heaven!

Below is a printable I made based on something I learned from a Billy Graham Crusade I participated in back in 1991.

On this form, you write down 5 names – be sure not to avoid names of people that you feel are not likely to get saved. Imagine how much glory God would receive if that person got saved!

You know whom I’m talking about! We all have that person in our life.

Write these names down on both sides of the paper, and then cut along the dotted line. Put one list in your Bible and the other list next to your bed.

This way, you’ll remember to pray for these 5 people twice each day!

Get this Salvation Prayer card today!

Download this salvation prayer card to help remind you to pray for your family members and friends.


Get this Salvation Prayer Card printable set today when you type your email in the form below:

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  1. Please join me in praying for my daughter, a devout wiccan, and her family. Also my sin ,Jeremy, who is involved with the gay lifestyle. My other two sons do not follow the Lord either. We weren’t as disiplined as we should have been in teaching them the truth. They all need God desperately.

    1. Good morning,

      Its just amazing how God works.
      Where i live we are having a seminar for women Apr 14th to 17th and one of the topic’s is ( no more)
      So many of us are looking for peace.
      So i bless you today where ever you are as we do Gods will.

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