Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

The question came to me recently, “Why do you want to lose weight?” The answer was ready on my lips – the one I had formulated, because it was the right answer, “For my health”. Because it is the answer we know is the best one, right? The one we’ve been told women should embrace: […]

5 Decisions To Make On a Bad Day With Chronic Illness

I never thought I’d be writing a post like this. When people would talk about chronic illness, I’d hear “I’m a whiny, lazy, hypochondriac”. Judgmental much? But that was me, a little unfeeling and whole lot judgmental. I was like this, even toward myself. In 2006 I visited the doctor because I was sick, worn […]

12 Tips to Avoid Fatigue

Fatigue is something we hear a lot about today. There are a few issues we encounter with fatigue: one is that women are diagnosed with fatigue more often than men and that fatigue is a fuzzy word. Is there a way women can avoid fatigue? When someone is diagnosed with chronic fatigue there isn’t a […]

Does My Battle With Chronic Illness Mean I Lack Faith?

If as a Christian, I firmly believe in Christ’s healing power and still battle a chronic illness, do I lack faith? If I believe that Christ’s suffering on the cross purchased my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, does this mean that I don’t have faith enough to believe that He will heal my chronic […]

Do You Have a Keto Plan for COVID-19?

Knock-knock! It’s my virtual visit to your home asking you if you have a keto plan for COVID-19! Here’s why. I’ve seen a lot of posts in keto and fasting groups about how stress-eating is getting to my fellow ketonians and they are reaching for the chips and cookies…and all things carbbage. I know it’s […]

6 Tips for Homeschooling With Chronic Illness

Is homeschooling with chronic illness possible? How will my kids get a good education on my bad days….or bad months?  These were the questions I asked myself when we began to consider homechooling our children. I thought I had to be crazy to take on one more thing. I work from home as a professional […]