How to Walk in Joy as a Christian Woman With Chronic Illness – Episode #30

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I am not a doctor, none of the information on any of these pages pertaining to the Ketogenic Diet or Adrenal Fatigue should be considered medical advice and should not replace the care of your personal physician. I am simply eager to share the information I have learned while on my own journey to health. Before you embark on this journey, please consult with your physician.

Since writing my series on adrenal fatigue several years ago, I have had several women reach out to me about their own struggles with adrenal fatigue and chronic illness.

Chronic illness is a struggle for so many women, and fatigue in particular.

How to Walk in Joy as a Christian Woman With Chronic Illness

We push ourselves so hard, and when we feel like we’re not meeting our unrealistic standards, we push even harder. Because that’s what we’ve been told to do.

We’re supposed to be the boss babe.

The supermom

No excuses.

We’re supposed to be exceptional and successful.

In my own struggle with perfectionism (which I have clearly not yet conquered!), I find myself once again in a battle with my own body.

A few days ago, I woke up and on my mind were all of the things I had to do that day.

I felt nauseous with the overwhelming sense of not knowing how I’d manage. I didn’t even want to get out of bed, much less do all of the things that needed to be done that day.

Later that morning, as I began to work through my morning, using the tools I’ve gathered through the years to begin working my way through fatigue, I thought that this might be a good time to podcast about it.

So, I sat down and recorded a series of podcasts about how Christian women can use spiritual tools to work through chronic illness and fatigue.

That is what’s going to be on the blog and podcast for the next six weeks.

If you know someone struggling with chronic illness and fatigue, would you take a moment and let them know about this series?

More information:

As always, when visiting sites and reading information by non-Christian doctors, I encourage you to filter their advice through the Bible.

Often the refer to evolution or recommend eastern meditation practices.

That doesn’t mean that much of their information isn’t helpful. Quite the contrary, I have often found their information to be invaluable, but always filtered through the truths of God’s Word.

Dr. Lam Coaching has been a great resource for me. I refer to his blog and YouTube channel quite often.

Here are some articles I’ve written about what I’ve learned regarding adrenal fatigue.

Video: What to do on a bad day with adrenal fatigue

Video: Finding a Place of Inner Rest When You Are Exhausted

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